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615 Laptop Stuck in boot loop with atipcie.sys failure, in Windows 7

Hi, I have seen this problem a lot, but haven't found a fix.


I have a Compaq 615 laptop. Not sure which of the two graphics cards it has. It started playing up and

I tried to roll back to an early state and after that it wouldn't boot. It would get the starting Window screen

and reboot.  I did a boot with the debugging on and it stopped at the loading atipcie.sys file.  I took the

hard drive out and put it into another computer and loaded a previous version of that file into the

windows\system32\drivers folder.  I read that an MS update can ruin the drivers, and that seems to

be what has happened to mine.


When I rebooted, it let me log in, but after the login is successful, I get a black screen with a mouse

cursor which moves.  I have no access to the actual operating system so I can't reinstall the drivers.

I found another two ati files and replaced them too, but it hasn't helped.


Can anyone suggest anything else to help me please?


Thanks in advance,

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Re: 615 Laptop Stuck in boot loop with atipcie.sys failure, in Windows 7

atipcie.sys is part of ATI/AMD graphics drivers, if this is messed up, would explain the black screen you are experiencing.

You will need to reinstall the proper graphics driver.

I don't know the following will work on your situation or not, but usually when drivers are messed up, one way to recover (if no restore point were set or work, and you don't want do a complete system recovery and lose your data) is:

Try start windows in safe mode (F8)  first, and delete this driver. Next time windows boot, will maybe revert to the basic WIndows driver, and you should be able to install ATI driver then (make sure you download the right driver, check the Hardware ID before you install the driver).

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Re: 615 Laptop Stuck in boot loop with atipcie.sys failure, in Windows 7

Hi Charles,

thanks for your reply. I tried a system restore, but it didn't work. Could you elaborate a little bit more for

me on the deleting of the drivers using the F8 option please?


I put the drive back into another machine and deleted the three ati* files, but I just got back in to the

boot loop again. I think I am close to getting this machine running again, while I wait for the people

who I got it from to arrange a courier to send it back to them to do a reinstall Smiley Sad  I would rather have

it running without doing this.


THanks again


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