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Pavilion DM1Z will not sleep or restart without hard shutdown problem - solution

Hi - I recently bought the DM1Z and within a weeek began having this problem.:

-- when tries to go to sleep, screen blanks, all lights stay on, fan stays on, harddrive light continues to blink

-- when tries to shut down or restart - the same thing.

--Because the screen turns off, the only way to regain access to the computer is to press and hold the power button until it shuts off.


I found another post on this forum, about a different model, suggesting the driver for the wireless lan adapter was the problem. So, I tried rolling back the driver and on a very few occasions I saw the WLAN power button go red just before succeeding to go to sleep. However, the next time sleep or a restart was tried, the same problem would happen the majority of the time.


I tried using the HP support web site. I wanted to email technical suport because my past experience with other vendors and hardware support is that email support allows you to more easily give details and usually technical people actually reply. However, on the HP site, you must enter your serial and product number, and when I did so (accurately), the site said that it was not recognized. Realize once you have gone through all their steps to get to that point, if it does not recognize a model number (that exists), you have no recourse whatsoever to email technical support. The HP site provides no email anywhere. You are locked out.


So I called technical support about this. The person that answered wanted of course to take me through all the steps in her guide book. I answered all her personal information questions so that she could ask me if I will allow them to call or send emails about new products. No thanks. Then she wanted me to open my browser and allow her access to my computer by installing more HP plugins. I told her this is not what I wanted to do because I know we would be there all day with it, and it was not what I was calling for.


After describing the problem, I asked her if there were any known issues with this occuring. She said not that she was aware of. I asked her if she was aware of ANY current known issues with HP laptops freezing up with black screens, and she said not that she was aware of. If you are reading this forum, then you know there are hundreds of emails about black screen lock ups and there is a class action settlement that is exactly on this issue. So the technical support I am talking to is not aware of that, and she is going to start remotely digging around in my computer.


I told her what I was calling about in the first place is that the HP support site will not accept the serial/product number. So after lots of confusion as to why I need real technical support, she finally started stepping through the web site with me to the place where you email technical support and you enter the product info. She said "sir this is as far as I can take you now, you have to enter the info yourself" and I said, "this is exactly the place I am talking about - if I enter the info the site does not take it, so I am asking you how I can email tech support with my problem".


I guess HP's policy is that phone support cannot hang up on a person, so instead what she did was stop talking. If I asked if she was there, no answer. I hung up knowing all along it was a waste of time, and the phone support was totally confused and argumentative if steered away from the script they are supposed to follow.


SO if you either read my story or you skipped to this part, here is what I have found to solve the problem so far:

I believe the cause to the problem for me was this:

I have a Western Digital Network Attached Storage. In order to get any of my computers to recognize the drive on the network, I have to right moust the icon and select "install". For the installation to work, windows asks to enable "device update" to automatically download drivers. On my other computers, and now the DM1Z, I selected this option.


Apparently, when doing so, windows also deciced to automatically update the driver for the Atheros AR9285 WLAN adapter (although note my DM1Z says it has a "AR5895" printed on the back of the computer).


I tried rolling back the driver, manually installing earlier drivers, all to no avail so that the computer would consistently succeed in sleeping or shutting down fully. There must be some other dependencies for the driver or the system to allow the wireless adapter to shut down so the rest of the system can finish going to sleep or shut down.


My final recourse was to use the recovery tool and do a complete reinstall to the factory system installation. In its initial state, sleep works fine. I then started to reinstall my software, each step testing the sleep mode. It was after doing the step the second time for the NAS device that the problem came back again, so that is how I learned the cause.


To remedy it this second time, I rebooted into safe mode and used the recover tool to restore a system point before the installation of the NAS.


I then made sure that windows will never try to automatically install drivers (for the Atheros WLAN adapter).

You can do this through Start Menu > Computer > (right mouse menu)Properties > "Advanced system settings"(on left frame) > (new window)System Properties > (tab)Hardware > Device Installation Settings > (new window)"No, let me choose what to do" > "Never install driver software from windows update"


I hope no one else has this problem, but if you do, I hope that this might help you figure out what caused it on your system. I wrote the long story above because of the frustration with HP support.


My issue is much more with the limitations of being able to send email to tech support. I have learned to have no expectations of phone support at all with most companies, but the HP support web site is more frustrating than most, except for this forum, which seems to be the trend for a lot of companies to just let the users sort out all the problems amongst themselves, which I guess is actually a good thing if the company is not capable of doing it.



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Re: Pavilion DM1Z will not sleep or restart without hard shutdown problem - solution

I have the same 'sleep' and 'shutdown' problem on my DM1ZEvery 2 or 3 times the unit will not complete the sleep process (or shutdown).  Only the screen backlighting turns off, I can toggle the wireless on and off, but to shut down the computer, I need to do a hard shutdown.


Have you had any luck in resolving this?



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Re: Pavilion DM1Z will not sleep or restart without hard shutdown problem - solution

I too have been having the same issue ever since HP pushed out an update to the wireless dirver. I truly do not want to have to go the factory restore route. Has anyone found another solution?

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