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Random mouse clicks

I have a HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC using 64 bit Windows 7. For about the 4 months I have been experiencing random left mouse double clicks. There is no set pattern to them. As I normally use an external mouse I first thought it might be that so I replaced my Microsoft mouse with a new one from Logitech. This had no affect to my problem I then started using the touchpad to see if it was something there. I have found that it still does it and it does it even more when i use the touch pad. I am unsure what steps I need to do from here. Any and all advice is appreciated in advance to this problem.

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Re: Random mouse clicks

Is it possible that your wrist is touching the touchpad when typing or you are resting your wrist on the touchpad? I run into that problem a lot.


If you go to the control panel and select hardware-> mouse (or you may have to show all options, it depends on if you're on XP or windows 7) there is an option to ignore touchpad touches when typing and there is one to not registister a click when the touchpad is touched.

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Re: Random mouse clicks

Thank you for your advice.


Some of the time while troubleshooting. I had the touch pad disabled fully and it was still doing it. I however did change some of the settings on my touchpad. I will try and see if that has any effect.

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Re: Random mouse clicks

Hey ajcoleman11,


I know this post is a little late but I wanted to provide the info just in case you may be still having the problem, or in case someone else may be searching for an answer. 


I know it seems like the touchpad is possessed. I can assure you it is not. I know that it is a highly frustrating problem. Please trust me on this one and just try this setting change. SmartSense is the culprit. I've seen the following changes correct this issue first-hand. Please give it a try! :smileyhappy:



Click Start > Type "mouse" > Click Mouse




Click the ClickPad Settings Tab




Click the ClickPad Settings Button




1 Click Sensitivity > 2 Click the Gears symbol OR Double click Sensitivity



If the cursor moves when you don't want it to, or moves too much, Move the notch closer to Heavy Touch




If you are experiencing undesired clicks, 1 Click SmartSense > 2 Click the Gears symbol




If you are experiencing undesired clicks, move the SmartSense setting notch closer to MAX.

This is one of the most common adjustments. I've seen it fix the problem everytime.




Remember to Click Apply to Save the Changes. If you change a setting and find out you don't like it but can't remember what you changed, just click the Defaults button (bottom left) to set all of the settings back to default.





I hope this helps! Like I said, I've seen it fix this "randomly clicks" problem several times. The setting defaults are designed to suit the majority of people but may not suit EVERY one out there. It's a very easy fix though.


Please let me know if you have any questions :smileyhappy:

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