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System Configuration

Product Name: Pavilion g6
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



    Whilst in a disscusion with my "what I don't know about computers isn't worth knowing" nephew about start up and boot procedures I mentioned that I'd heard that using System Configure can if your not careful can have serious concequences. He asked how? I said I don't know exactly it just what I'd heard and then just this week a post on the Microsoft community site alluded to this very subject and it said that using Sysyem Configuration unless you know what your doing can even render your PC inoperable and suggested you access it through Contana for eg rather than directly from your system. It said type msconfig in search box (my stuff) and accessing it from here is a safer way. I accessed it by this method and it launched the same box as if you'd accessed it direct, my point is whats the difference as unlike my nephew  there are masses of things I don't know, and is it true?

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Re: System Configuration



Cortana is nothing more than an MS-supported search bot that responds to spoken requests. 


There's nothing to guarantee that performing a system configuration action resulting from a Cortana request is going to be any less damaging or risky than doing the same thing yourself using MSCONFIG.


In the end, you're messing around with System settings and if you don't know what you're doing, this IS risky.


My suggestion, if you want to configure some system setting in Win10, is to first ask about it on the community Win10 forums.  You will then get good reponses from folks who are experts in using Win10:  http://www.tenforums.com/


Good Luck
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Re: System Configuration

Hi Regents Prof

        Thanks for your response.  Yes I am aware of what Cortana is I was just using that as the example used in the post.  My query was really that how can accessing something in a roundabout way to the same destination as going direct be any different to my mind it isn't but the post said it was I was just curious as to whether there was any substance to the subject. I am not going to meddle with something I don't fully understand as regards my PC as I've learned from bitter experience the concequences of that. Once again thank you for your time and response.

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