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blinking numslock/ caps lock -blank screen-

1) Windows 7

2) Laptop Screen blank-external video blank

3) no error messages can be seen

No changes made to OS, Software prior to issue


Of course, laptop just passed warranty period. ( unit only 15 months old)


Upon start up, blinking numslock/ capslock just keep blinking-locks up.

Fan comes on, no beep or other error message. Within 10-15 seconds on power up, laptop hangs with blinking LEDs

Here is list of attempted fixes;

1) removed battery, power cord, held power-on button for 60+ secs. -

2) removed CMOS battery,--

3) removed memory chips, replaced one bank at time & also reversed stick positions-


Read on support forum to remove hard drive to see if BIOS boots.--will try.


Wife now suggests to replace laptop with Apple, so at tis point I'm trying to prove to her that this is a simple fix. So far, I'm not proving it very well.

Can someone help/suggest what else to try before she wins & I get an Apple as a replacement...

I only have days before she wins !



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Re: blinking numslock/ caps lock -blank screen-

I bought a brand new HP Pavilion dv6-6b04tx  just 2 weeks ago for my son.

Tonight when I went out, I left the laptop on. When I came home and tried to wake it up.... same deal as above.

Laptop was hot, fan was running, caps lock blinking, wifi light orange.... screen stayed black.

Had to hold power button to force kill it. Thankfully appears as though it as started up ok.


Is this common? I dont want to wait until it's out of warranty to discover i've bought a dud.


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Re: blinking numslock/ caps lock -blank screen-

UPDATE: 10mins after I typed the above post, the screen flickered across lower third, then blue screen with error message that stated  an 'error occured'. and some long code.


Tried restarting PC. Now same problem as post above. black screen, blinking caps lock, etc.


Please HELP... this laptop is BRAND NEW!!!! It was a gift for my son for his schoolwork.

All my computers (including the one I'm now typing this on) are Apple macbooks and I know next to nothing about fixing PCs.

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Re: blinking numslock/ caps lock -blank screen-

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oh dear...

I know this, my 6735b did exactly the same.

First of all I tried to reset it, like stoogeguy did. No reaction...LEDs keep blinking.

Then I decided to bye a new motherboard, because HP described the blinking code as a sign for a dead motherboard, or a "general failure", whatever this means.

No chance, at this time I have tried 3 "new" motherboards and 1 refurbished, one of them was okay, for approx. one month.

Then someone mentioned that the PSU might be defected, so I bought a new original type from HP.

No success.

The next attempt will be to try a new fan, because a HP support technician mentioned that one has to exchange both, motherboard and fan, together. Whatever...and I think I will have no success. Frustrating.


I watched the chat conversation of another customer with HP support, and the only thing they say that a new motherboard and fan will solve the problem. Ah...okay...


In former times HP was a highly qualified PC manufacturer, nowadays its all cheap and fast and badly soldered crap from Taiwan or from where ever.


If I will have no success with the new fan I will throw it away, enough is enough. And in the future I will buy my notebooks at Aldi or Lidl discount, they were cheaper and also came from some far eastern state. And they too will stay alive at least 2 years, until warranty period has expired :-P

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Re: blinking numslock/ caps lock -blank screen-

I have a Hp Pavillion DV4-1225dx laptop. I have sent this in for repairs a half a dozen times. My latest issue was the caps lock and numbers lock blinking. It would blink a series of 4 times. I thought it was the motherboard, again.  It meant the graphics controller not functioning. Hp said they no longer service this model. I just knew I was screwed.  Every computer shop I checked cost too much to fix, I might as well by a new laptop. Then, I browsed the web through my HTC evo looking for solutions.  Someone advised me to remove one of the 2GB memory from the memory port. I removed the top memory stick and when I powerded it up, it was the same thing. Then I removed the bottom stick and only left the top stick in, and it powered up normally. I couldn't believe this totally fixed my issue. There is still something wrong, but for the time being........ It works perfect. I don't have 4 GB right now because I removed the 2GB stick, but I'm going to buy 1 -4GB stick and put it in the slot that works and it will give it 4GB, just like it supposed to be. I hope this works for everyone, My laptop sat up in my top closet for months.  I'm actually using my DV4-1225dx right now. 

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Re: blinking numslock/ caps lock -blank screen-

I pulled both memory sticks out and reseated both, didn't fix the problem. I swapped positions of both memory sticks around.... FIXED. Been working for 6 months straight now. No more problems :-)
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Re: blinking numslock/ caps lock -blank screen-

I'm glad I was able to help you.

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Re: blinking numslock/ caps lock -blank screen-

THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN, swapping the RAMs worked for me.

I don't think there was a need to swap them as I noticed that one of the RAMs was not firmly locked.


you saved me a looooong road trip and some nice cash


thanks again

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Re: blinking numslock/ caps lock -blank screen-

Mine hp pavillion dv7 takes me like 200 times turning on and off continuously abd ebentually turns on. I have no money and have tried everything... Help
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Re: blinking numslock/ caps lock -blank screen-

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Hello Crytee,


The blink on the caps and num lock are a code that tells you what problem that you are having with your laptop.


Here is a link to a list of blink codes.


Compare you blinks to the list and post your results.


Clicking the White Kudos star on the left is a way to say Thanks!


Let me know how everything goes.

Have a good day.

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