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BIOS update problem


I installed Windows 7 in my Laptop
then i install all the Drivers required
Then i Tried to  update the BIOS
But the installation didn't complete
Because the computer stooped responding for two hours

Then I Turn of my laptop

now My laptop doesn't work at all

only blank screen

tell me what to do please

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Re: BIOS update problem

What kind of laptop is this? We need the model number and whether it is under warranty.

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Re: BIOS update problem

I have the same problem today.  I have a DV7T-1000 p/n kn798aar#aba .  It was a Referb and only had a 90 day warrenty which is up.  The Laptop will not power on now. I have tried this:


-get the proper .FD file for your notebook, rename it to the first 4 digits and .BIN (ie: 30F3F2C.FD would become 30F3.BIN)
-put newly named bin file on a fat16 or fat32 USB stick, plug it in the notebook
-unplug notebook
-remove battery
-unit should be off, press and hold windows key and B
-plug in AC power while holding those buttons
-turn on notebook, let go of all buttons once LED lights come on
-the notebook will beep every second, as it searches for the .bin file
-if its filename matches your systems motherboard code, it will flash, and reboot
-all is fixed


Only thing is no lights came on the laptop.  Only the memory stich lit up, and it seemed to no do anything else but light.

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Re: BIOS update problem

There isn 't much more that you can do with a dead laptop like that. Call HP and insist that it was their update that bricked the laptop. They do have the ability to waive or extend or cover things on a case by case basis.. it all depends on how persistent you are! If they want to charge you for the repair... and charge anything over 100 bucks, for the repair, contact I used them and they were great. I've been repairing LCD screens for a very long time, it's hard to find a decent and legit motehrboard repair shop, trust me.

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