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HP Envy keyboard issues



I just got a new HP Envy 17" 1101-NR laptop. Win 7 x64. Right out of the box I have two issues:


1) as far as I can tell there is no numlock key on this computer! The right numerical keypad is completely useless! I found a script that can turn it on but if I put it in the startup folder sometimes it boots with the numlock on, sometimes off still. Is there a software or registry setting somewhere that can permanently keep numlock on?


2) The more serious issue: the right shift key often lags so that it doesn't capitalize. If I delete and retry often it does. Here is what happens if I repeatedly press shift-a: AAAaaAAaAAAAAaAAaAAaaAaAaAaA. They should all be capital A. The right shift key's timing is fine. I'm spending a lot of typing time having to repeatedly backspace.


I updated the bios from the HP website, but the problems remain. This is an expensive top of the line laptop. Why would it have such annoying issues? Is HP trying to drive away customers and market share?


Thanks for any and all help!1111




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Re: HP Envy keyboard issues

On the Right Shift Key issue, I would like you test in Recovery Environment, if we have same issue...

To do that tap F11 on boot, that should take you into the recovery partition, on the recovery manager screen, Click on "Ran Computer Check" .... In there will be MS-DOS option...check there if you have the same issue....

Standby on Numlock issue...

Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.

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Re: HP Envy keyboard issues

Hi , I have an hp envy laptop with windows 7 preloaded . i upgrade that windows 7 to windows 8 by online so i didn't get any windows 8 DVD. my issue is it works fine for 2 -3 months after that its giving problem , when ever i am shaking my laptop the Del key is pressed and it will delete all data , i am not sure, about that it is  a driver issue or a hardware issue. it very difficult to work on that so if you can help me it will be helpful for me.

      Plz give me any idea so that i can resolve that problem or else i need to go to hp authorized service center

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HP Envy keyboard issues

Hello debasish31. I understand you're having some problems with your notebook keeping its data.

I would like to ensure that I understand exactly what your issue is. After upgrading to Windows 8 you've noticed that shaking the notebook leads to you having to reinstall Windows 8. Is this correct?

Shaking or dropping a notebook is bad for the hard drive. The hard drive has platters which spin and have a needle which reads the data off of them (think of a vinyl record being played). When the hard drive shaken this needle can scratch the platters or break. A scratch on the platter will lead to data corruption. If the needle breaks the the hard drive will be broken.

Take a look at the "Identifying, Preventing, Diagnosing, and Recovering from Drive Failures" section of this document. This section begins on page two.

If you have any further questions or if I misunderstood your problem just let me know. I hope you have a great day!
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Re: HP Envy keyboard issues

Hi Sir,

          Yes what you told is correct , i know that if you shake your laptop it might creat problem in your hard drive because it will be in spining in 7200 rpm , but during working hour if i want to add an external dvd drive , hard drive or a pen drive also that time any how my laptop will shake a little bit or if i am going to show my project to my boss that time i cant shut it down and go to boss cabin so that time i need to carry the laptop for 10 -15 second so in that mean while it will delete my data.  What you are Telling is correct but please try to understand what i m telling .

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Re: HP Envy keyboard issues

Dude, why are you shaking your laptop??

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