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Hard drive clone and replace

Hello all,


I've recently discovered that the hard drive on my EliteBook 8730w tends to overheat & crash when I save large amounts of data.The HP service contractors are totally willing to replace my HD, but only if I take it with a fresh installation. Since I usually spend about two days installing all my CAD software and simulation tools, this is not an option for me.


Back when I was still a student I remember cloning a hard drive for an old desk top upgrade, it wasn't that difficult, and I can't understand why HP won't do an image swop or cloning or ghosting as some people call it? Are they worried about piracy issues or are they just lazy and ill equiped? Either way they iether think I'm a thief or they just don't want to give me a professional service.


In recent years I've been spoilt with an IT deparment who whould do this image swopping for me every time I got an updated workstation. The company I'm working at now doesn't have its own IT department, so I'm stuck between a faulty drive and half service from HP.


My question is this, is there any way that I can get the HP support contractors to clone and swop my hard drive?

If not, - is there any place where I can download decent  free cloning software so that yet again I can do this by myself?



Thank you for reading



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Re: Hard drive clone and replace

I can't speak for HP but I sincerely doubt you can talk them into cloning your drive for you. I use Acronis True Image Home for the purpose you describe.



Acronis webpage


I believe you can download the 30 day free trial version and it will work to do a simple "clone disk" operation one time, although I encourage you to pay the $50 if you are using the software. You will need a usb to SATA hard drive adapter to make this work so it will not be competely free in any case. 

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Re: Hard drive clone and replace

Thank you for the recomendation. As soon as I read the name Acronis I remembered that this is what I used when I was a student. Now that I know what to look for its just a matter of going through my old boxes in storage. - The things you forget you have...


I'm just fortunate that I know about cloning (and have the software) or else I would have had to get some of our simulation and CAD software vendors out to come and reconfigure a new installation for optimal performance (not free and time consuming).


I think I'll give the guys at HP a call in any case. - The way I see it;  if I was a tyre merchant I whould have decent hydrailic jacks to raise vehicles, and tire irons to loosen and tighten the nuts, they're just tools of the trade

Also if I go to a 5 star restaurant the waiter doesn't expect me to have a corkscrew in my pocket so that I can open up the bottle for him.


I mean HP is geared towards Professional service and its not as if I broke my brand new hard drive, so why should I buy the tools to fix it, - DIY style, - I don't think so, not if I paid $6000.00 for the machine plus took out an additional service waranty. I'll show them, I'll shake my fist and they'll feel my wrath... or maybe not.


Thanks again for the tip, now I'll be off to go build a bridge and get over it!





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