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Memory upgrade for HP 2000-2d37cl Notebook

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Product Name: HP 2000 Notebook PC
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Currently my notebook has the standard 4GB of memory using the HP provided Hynix HMT451S6AFR8A SoDIMM, 12800 DDR3L-1600, 1.35V.


I have been looking to replace it with either Kingston HyperX, HX316LS9IB2_8, DDR3L-1600 (2x4GB) kit or the Crucial Ballistix Sport CT6278900, DDR3L-1600 (2x4GB) kit. Both have 9-9-9 timings.


My question is will the memory with lower timings and the density of the chips work on my HP 2000-2d37cl notebook with an AMD A6-5200 CPU?


Also I was curious about postings in the forums where persons had lost the Admin or other passwords on their

HP 2000 notebooks or they purchased a used notebook that had a unknown password.


They provide the codes from the error on screen and the reply's from techs allowed them to get past this and reset their systems.


I hope I never have that problem, however where exactly are the techs getting the codes from? Is there some program or document available that has the code alogrithm?


Thank You.

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Re: Memory upgrade for HP 2000-2d37cl Notebook



For RAM, please use Crucial part from the followinf link:



It uses CL=11.



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Re: Memory upgrade for HP 2000-2d37cl Notebook



You can get BIOS unlock passcodes for most HP consumer notebook PC's from the link below.


I wouldn't be able to answer your question about the memory.


I would just use the free crucial memory scan tool and see what it reports and get the memory suggested by Crucial.

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Re: Memory upgrade for HP 2000-2d37cl Notebook

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Forget the idea of somehow speeding up your laptop by using "performance" or "gaming" memory. It might work but it will perform exactly as the plain vanilla Hynix stuff does so you are best off getting as close to an exact duplicate of what you already have as possible. 


Your laptop uses DDR3L-1600 memory but the bus automatically downclocks it to 1333 anyway. 


2 customer-accessible/upgradable memory module slots

 Supports dual-channel memory

Supports up to 8192 GB of system RAM

DDR3/1600-MHz (Intel only)

DDR3/1333-MHz (DDR3/1600-MHz downgraded to DDR3/1333-MHz) (AMD)



This should be compatible with what you have to upgrade you to 8 gigs:


As far as the password Codes, see above. 


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Re: Memory upgrade for HP 2000-2d37cl Notebook

Taking the advice posted and further checking I bought the Crucial Ballistix Sport BLS2K4G3N169ES4 8GB kit

from Newegg on 14 Dec 2016 and have had them istalled since and running with no problems

 The memory does use timings of  9-9-9-24-37 at 800 MHZ and 1.35v according to CPU-Z.
They do not however run in dual channel mode, single channel only. Either the A6-5200 only supports or HP designed the motherboard that way.
My notebook runs about 15-20 percent faster than with the original 4GB so I'm happy.
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