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PLEASE HELP! HDX18 wont power-up - LEDs for 1 sec then NOTHING...

Hi... I posted this elsewhere on the site, but, think this is a more appropriate space on the forum... my appologies for the repost...






My HP HDX18 computer has work fine for the past 1 year and 81 days... It worked fine this afternoon. Now, when I touch the power button, the 8-10 red lights for the "touch navigation", wireless, volume, etc... come on for about 1-2 seconds, then the systems goes back off... dead as a doornail... no welcome screen... no bios screen... no bios... no nothing... if I push the power button again... I get 1-2 more seconds of red lights then dead again...


What I tried so far:


----- called HP tech support to find out that their hardware services start at $300 for my model and go up not that it is 81 days past a year old!!!


1. took out power plug and battery and held power button down for 30 seconds... (NO CHANGE)

2. took out each of the memory cards and reseated them both together and singularly... (NO CHANGE)

3. took out the battery and just try to start on the power supply... (NOPE)

4. took out the power supply cord and try to start on just the battery... (NOPE)

5. removed the harddrive and replace with a spare... (NADA)

6. took out the cmos button battery... (NOTHING DIFFERENT)

7. whacked the computer rather hard a couple of times on the top of the case while closed... (NO CHANGE)

8. turned it over and wacked the bottom of the case rather hard a few more times... (STILL NOPE)


Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated... Im simply not in a situation to be able to afford another computer or an expensive fix at this time... IF anyone knows something else I might try... PLEASE let me know....


Thanking you in advance, I am...




PS I have also called and there is no "extended warranty" for this model even though it seems others have had similar problems with no solutions posted...

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Re: PLEASE HELP! HDX18 wont power-up - LEDs for 1 sec then NOTHING...

Mine is a TX2000Z and started having the identical problem since yesterday.  

Attempted everything you did, except steps  6, 7 and 8. 

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Re: PLEASE HELP! HDX18 wont power-up - LEDs for 1 sec then NOTHING...

I have found a link to a company in florida in another thread. They say they can fix a mother board for $80 + $15 for any chips that need replacing... If they cannot fix the MB... the charge is $12 for return shipping... I.E. no bench charge if they can't correct the problem...  I figured... what do I have to loose at this point...  It sounds like this mother board is bad about having the video overheat and fail...


I just completely broke my beautiful laptop apart into what looks like a huge pile of plastic, screws, and parts to disect and remove the motherboard... As I had to unscrew and disconnect so many little ribbon cables I'm not sure I can put it back together even if I knew everything is perfect... Oh well... It sure wasn't working before so it is not working any worse right now...


I'll keep an update as to the progress with my laptop... If anyone has had good luck or bad with this company, please let me know... 


In hind site I would have probably paid the higher rate and had them remove the mother board... ($180).... I'll probably have to hold it together with duct tape if I ever get this thing running again...


Best to all...



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Re: PLEASE HELP! HDX18 wont power-up - LEDs for 1 sec then NOTHING...

What happened with your notebook? I'm having a similar problem, nothing on screen, no fans running, but blinking LEDs, and it appears the plug in area is damaged. Been told I may need to change the motherboard

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Re: PLEASE HELP! HDX18 wont power-up - LEDs for 1 sec then NOTHING...


I have exactly the same problem with my DV5-1110em,.. tried everything,.. even dismantling to check inside,. but nothing visible

Would appreciate if you could let me know if you find a fix for this,.. very frustrating !!



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