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Pavilion dv6 notebook

G'day peeps and creeps, i have the pavilion dv6 with 1 terabyte hd and bluray disc player, a few months ago i foolishly upgraded from windows 7 to windows crap so a week ago i reinstalled to windows 7 and that went well, except i was having really bad heating issues so i took it apart and cleanded the fan and reapplied new thermal paste and that went well except for one thing, i now get an error message about an unknown usb device so i went into the device system list and sure enough it says usb unkown device, so i tried all the usb port and they worked fine and the usb content came up and i could access and add or delete at will in all 4 of them so i checked the drivers for them and they are up to date aswell so i am at a loss right now about that but i just now discvered a new problem, my disc drive wont acknowlege blurays, i watched a bluray the other day and that was fine then last night i watched a standard dvd and that was fine but when i got home this afternoon i went to watch a bluray and all it did was make a bunch of noise and wouldnt do jack so i took it out and tried again, same thing so i put in a dvd and that worked perfectly like normal so i took that out and tried the bluray disc again and just more noise and nothing else, i really like this puter so i am hoping that its not stuffed too bad but i am at a loss about these two issues, especially the bluray one so any help would be greatly appreciated and sorely needed.

please help. 

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Re: Pavilion dv6 notebook

dv6 has been around a long time...what specific model, please? 


And can you perhaps find a hardware ID for the unknown USB device? Some of the internal stuff like the webcam are technically usb devices so I am thinking maybe when you reloaded you missed a driver. The Blu-Ray issue sounds like the Blu-Ray lens has gone bad on the drive. Maybe it can be cleaned but likely the drive needs to be replaced. The BR is the hardest to troubleshoot since you do not boot from Blu-Ray and it appears CD and DVD function is working fine. 

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Re: Pavilion dv6 notebook

Hp says my product number is QC332PA#ABG AHICH GOOGLE SAYS IS MODEL DV6T-6000 BUT HP ONCE CALLED IT SOME OTHER  woops sorry about the caps lock there model number, the following is what the computer says ( I'm typing this on my tablet and it wont let me post a pic pain in ass i know)


Universal serial bus controllers

generic usb hub

generic usb hub

intel(R) 6 series/C200 Series chipset family usb enhanced controller - 1c26

intel(R) 6 series/C200 Series chipset family usb enhanced controller - 1c2D

renesas electronic usb 3.0 host controller 

renesas electronic usb 3.0 root hub

unknown device 

usb mass storage device 

usb mass storage device

usb root hub

usb root 


 When i click on it it opens up another window with further details


Device type;  usb serial bus controllers 

manufacturer; (standardusb host controller)

Location ; port _#0001.hub_0003


Then in detail status


 Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (code43)



unknown device

driver provider ; microsoft

driver date; 21/06/2006

Driver version; 6.1.760.17514


Then it has option like driver details or update driver or uninstal or disable if i click on driver details it pops another small window that says " no driver files are required or been loaded for this device"

if i click on update then another window opens with a little turning circle that trys to tell me its searching but i know its lying because a,its windows and b, it just keeping turn the little circle for 2mins 10 mins 40 mins and if i left it alone for all eternity but i dont leave it all and it doesnt like that so it freezes whenever i get tired of it and try to close it and then i have to run circles myself to shut the flaming thing down

the other two option I'm not experienced enough to know what the repercussion are press them so i have left them alone, for now

the other section of the little window is 


nothing the except a button called property that drops a list of choices i have no understanding of as yet (but i wil , oh yes i will) 

And thats basically all the info i can find on it when all i really want to know is what the hell is it used for and do i really trully need it because although its super super annoying it currently doesn't seem to be destoying anything atm.

ABLOODYHA, found it, you mentioned earlier that even the webcam is considered a usb and i know the the usb port for merory sticks all work so i figured I'd see if it was working, after some run around with skyp (way to much hpye aith that thing) i found the built in program  called cyberlink youcam and gt it going  and when it starts up it pops open a little window that says WARNING no webcam detected blah blah blah and then if you are using an intergrated camera, make sure that it is turned on.

so far i haven't even come across the control panel for the webcam and i dont know how to find it to turn it on because when i type webcam into the start menu search bar all that comes up is the cyberlink program and when i have done scans on the computer it has said that all drivers are up to date so what do i do now that i have found it but can't find it lol. Thank you for you help so far and sorry for the long ass post.





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