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Several Keys on my Keyboard have stopped working

A few months ago, the following keys on my keyboard stopped working: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 0. All of these keys are on the number row. I can still use those numbers by using the number pad on my keyboard, but it's very frustrating when I need to use the symbols on the number row, and I have to search for them online, then copy and paste them. Also, a few weeks ago the left ALT button stopped working. My laptop is about 3 years old, but I've never spilt anything on my laptop, or damaged it in anyway. I've kept it in good condition. I did have to by a replacement battery, I don't know if that would be causing the problem? However, the problem started nearly 7 months after the battery was replaced. 


I have an HP Notebook, Windows 7, 64bit. My exact laptop is an HP G60-530US. 


I've been looking for a solution to this problem. I have tried restarting my computer, taking the battery out and restarting it, and I believe I successfully uninstalled the keyboard driver and re-installed it. Some people suggested buying a new keyboard-please do NOT suggest this. If I wanted a keyboard separate from my computer, I would have bought a desktop to begin with. 


I was almost wondering if it could be a virus of some sorts, although I run regular scans with Norton and I also use Malwarebytes. 


Help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Several Keys on my Keyboard have stopped working

Is your laptop still under warranty? If it is, you should send it in to HP for repairs.

If it is not, and you feel comfortable trying some things on your own, there are a couple things you can check.

You should find a good step by step guide (can google one) on how to disassemble your laptop to get into the keyboard. The first thing to check would be the cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. Check to make sure it is seated correctly, be careful, there should be some sort of locking piece holding the keyboard cable in. Take the keyboard cable off, check to make sure the contacts all look straight and shiny. If they do not look normal, you should buy a replacement keyboard for your laptop. The keyboard should have an HP part number that you can use to look up a new part. You can buy it direct from HP, several other 3rd party vendors, or you could probably find a decently priced one on Ebay. If the cable looks good or a new keyboard also has the same problems when you plug it in, you are probably looking at a problem with the motherboard itself and will more than likely need to replace the entire board.
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Re: Several Keys on my Keyboard have stopped working

Sadly, I only had one year warranty, so it's run out by now. 

I may see if I can find someone who is good with hardware to take apart my laptop as you suggested. I'm not comfortable with doing it myself; I'm likely to ruin it and end up having to buy a new laptop. 

I'll keep your suggestion in mind.

Since I've been searching for answers for quite some time now, I've already assumed that finding a solution to this will not be easy.



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Re: Several Keys on my Keyboard have stopped working

You should find a good step by step guide HP Displacement guide for keyboard assembly


check keyboard to motherboard connecting cable is damaged or broken reinsert that cable.check


meantime check with usb type keyboard ,run good antivirus program maybe virus affected.or reinstall your os


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