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Faulty touchpad (Synaptics) and slow computer after extended use (memory leak)
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Re: Faulty touchpad (Synaptics) and slow computer after extended use (memory leak)

When Windows Update downloads the update, it tries to install but you'll get the error I mentioned.

Just ignore the windows update and open the windows explorer and go to the following folder:




You'll see all the files for Synaptics inside this folder.


Now, open the Device Manager, go to the Synaptic and ask to upgrade the driver, ask to browse your pc for the files and just point to the folder you just looked.


For me it worked, it installed the new drivers, but the Windows Update will keep showing the error, just ignore it, but the driver will be upgrade to version:


And you can move as much as you want and you won't see any leak memory eating up your non-paged memory.



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Re: Faulty touchpad (Synaptics) and slow computer after extended use (memory leak)

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I had already downloaded the driver update from Synaptic, and installed with no errors.  It didn't fix the problem completely, so I'm still having to use an external mouse.  Not a big deal, really, since the only time I use the mouse is when the keyboard is attached to my HP Split x2.  The disconnection between touchpad and screen was still occurring even after the driver update, and was just another reminder of the frustration.  HOWEVER, in the Synaptic Touchpad settings, under the Mouse properties, I checked the box that says "Disable internal pointing device when external USB device is attached."  I've been working on my laptop for hours today, and haven't had a freeze, disappearing mouse pointer, or had to detach/reattach my screen and keyboard even once.  A check of the memory shows no leak, so I'm willing to live with this. 


In a perfect world, all the hardware would interact harmoniously, but since I bought a new device with all these cool features, the external mouse is no big deal.  Besides, I've never been a big touchpad user anyway.  I always use a desk when in full laptop configuration, and always use a mouse... even with Dell my work laptop... the only time I don't use a mouse is when my screen is detached in tablet mode and I'm only using the touchscreen anyway with minimal typing (games and web surfing).  It would have been nice if HP had devoted a technician to researching and resolving this instead of users having to help one another in a forum, but alas... I suppose that's what the forum is for, yes?

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Re: Faulty touchpad (Synaptics) and slow computer after extended use (memory leak)

Hi all,


I was having this problem and in a fit of frustration I disabled Bluetooth from the startup menu. (I had previously disabled Dropbox.) Both Dropbox and Bluetooth had a high startup impact. Disabling those seemed to have fixed my problems. That was about three days ago and since then the computer has been running like a champ.


Not sure if it will work for everyone, but it is worth a shot.


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Re: Faulty touchpad (Synaptics) and slow computer after extended use (memory leak)

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Hey Guys ! I tried to update the driver from the Device Manager , but it says that the device is up to date.  The last update i got  is the


Should i wait until Windows get the newest version on my laptop?

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