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Fingerprint reader software HDX 18t

Recently I upgraded to windows 7 from vista, then an update for my fingerprint reader came up as well. I figured it was to allow my reader to work on windows 7 so I installed it. Now my finger print reader doesn't work. I got on the driver and software download page for my laptop (HDX 18t) and downloaded the software for the reader, but it said the fingerprint reader could not be detected. It said to reinstall the reader using my application and driver recovery CD, but I inserted the cd and it didn't have a setup option. I'm not sure what to do from this point.

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Re: Fingerprint reader software HDX 18t


Check below guide:

DigitalPersona, Validity fingerprint and Windows 7

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Re: Fingerprint reader software HDX 18t

Hi, I have been there & got it resolved, I bought my laptop from PCWORLD, they said it would be windows 7 compatible,

I installed windows 7, & the fingerprint reader would not work, basically,  to re-install the old operating system, & yes the fingerprint reader worked again,    PCWORLD, said its a hardware problem, & not their fault.

I even bought the HP ugrrade Windows 7, to no avail.     


I spent weeks, & hundreds in tel calls,  was told,over & over by HP, & PCWORLD support, try this driver & that.


HP said, when a laptop is sold with an operating system, it all works, when you upgrade, or replace the operating system,

or driver,  its all hit & miss, my UK laptop kicked out the problem by warranty support, then referred to HP in Africa ?, 

   They said, the only way it would work, is if the mother board & fingerprint reader was both changed, as this was the ONLY way to get it to work, & then there would be no gaurentees, as everything is done on a new laptop, not a mish mas of old & new parts & different versions of software & drivers


This is why there is so many laptop versions & release     THIS IS ALL FACTUALLY KNOWN AT CUSTOMER SERVICES,

but not the run of the mill known by the support staff, who have you trying many drivers & updates.


HP washed their hands of it, saying fully works, but not on new Windows 7, operating system, & not their problem.

PCWORLD, support, said it was not a problem with them, it was fot for purpouse as sold, just not winows 7 compatible.


It was now just out of 12 months warranty, as it had been going on for months,  I returned to the store, to the same salesman, & the conversation was taped,    


Me,  Hi can I buy Windows 7 operating system off you to upgrade the laptop you sold me, as you said it was windows 7 compatible,, he said, yes, give us ya money, then told him the bad news, I had bought windows 7 from HP, & it still would not work, & they said it never would.   He said tough, it was never gaurenteed just it should work.


I said under trades description act, when you sold it to me it was clearly stated it would be fully 100 percent Windows 7 compatible, & it was sold under the miss representation act,  cutting it short, the tape was played to the manager,

& he fully reluctantly refunded the laptop money if full , against a current new Windows 7 laptop.   They were not happy.


I paid the £200 difference, then took action to get the £200 back, as to me I should not have had to pay anything else,

that went to PCWORLD accounts, credit control in Checoslovacia,  they ordered store to repay my £200


My New laptop works fine, so dont waste your time, if it does not work on the new operating system or drivers, then it is hardware incompatible, & will never work.




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Re: Fingerprint reader software hp 8710w

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