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HP Pavilion a1340n and Windows 7

I'm trying to upgrade an HP Pavilion a1340n from XP Media Center to Windows 7. After all files are loaded and extracted, the system reboots and the "Starting Windows" screen comes up for about 10 seconds and then I get the blue screen of death. The message simply says ****STOP and then lists a memory address. Microsoft is telling me that it's a RAM error.


Anybody have any suggestions on if this fatal error might be something I can overcome by increasing the RAM from the standard 1G to 2G?


I tried loading Windows 7 several times, including booting directly from the CD but consistently got this blue screen error message. According to PC Doctor, the internal RAM is fine (I even took out the RAM and cleaned the contacts at the request of the Microsoft technician...this of course was a waste of time).



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Re: HP Pavilion a1340n and Windows 7

Windows XP Can Upgrade to Windows 7, Sorta

Next news

4:50 PM - February 5, 2009 by Marcus Yam
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With both the public perception that Windows Vista was a misstep and the number of both consumers and corporations that are still running Windows XP, the upcoming Windows 7 is more important than ever.

ZoomWindows 7 needs to convince all those still running Windows XP to finally get caught up on the times. One such way is with an attractive upgrade path to entice users to make the leap.

Microsoft has said that it will offer upgrade options for users to move from Windows XP to Windows 7, but to be clear, those are only for purchasing software licenses. There will be no software upgrade path.

“I can confirm that customers will be able to purchase upgrade media and an upgrade license to move from Windows XP to Windows 7 - however, they will need to do a clean installation of Windows 7,” a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to The Register. “This requires the user to back up their data, install Windows 7, re-install the programs and restore their data.”

Windows Vista users, however, will have the option to install over top their existing OS.

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Re: HP Pavilion a1340n and Windows 7

sthomas -- I just upgraded this computer to Win7, and had the same problem.  I was looking for another answer when I came across your post, but I figured I'd join the forum and let you know how to solve the problem you're getting.


The issue comes across as a memory error, but actually has to do with the BIOS.  I spent several hours scouring the net for a fix, and here is what worked for me.


First, see if you can still access Windows XP.  I was trying to do a clean install, so the only way I was able to get to WinXP was to press F10 during startup.  This gave me a command line prompt that I wasn't familiar with.  However, when I pressed ESC, I was taken back to a Windows Boot Loader screen that let me boot to Windows XP (listed as "Previous Versions of Windows".  If you cannot get to XP because you deleted it, (as i accidently ended up doing), I ended up restoring my system from my HP Recovery discs.


The BIOS installed on the computer right now (and the most current version available on the a1340n page) is version 3.5 dated 2005.  From XP, I "upgraded" the BIOS to the version found on this page.  This page is for a UK site for another computer, but the file is identical to the one I saved,


Once the newe BIOS was installed, I was able to upgrade to  Windows 7 just fine.


I typed this out kinda quickly, and am not familar with your level of technical ability, so please feel free to ask any questions if I was not clear enough.

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Re: HP Pavilion a1340n and Windows 7

I forgot to add -- when you install Win7, make sure you boot from the install DVD and then configure (in advanced options, I think) to do a clean install where you wipe other versions of Windows.  Otherwise,  every time you start your computer, you will be asked which version on Windows you want to load, and will eiher have to press enter or wait 30 seconds.

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Re: HP Pavilion a1340n and Windows 7


Please note that when migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 you will not have an "in place upgrade" option. You will however have the option to select "custom" install when prompted. The Windows 7 install process will then copy all of your data in "My Documents" over to a Windows.old folder within Windows 7 itself. All applications and documents stored in other locations will have to be reinstalled / transferred manually.
For more information on the Windows 7 Upgrade, please go here:

For additional assistance with the migration of Windows XP to Windows 7, please go here:

Microsoft Windows Client Team



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Re: HP Pavilion a1340n and Windows 7

I also have a HP Pavillion A1340n and keep getting the 0000005C BSOD trying a new install of Windows 7.

After many hours searching internet, forums, etc. I found a update to the bios of the MB, an ECS RC410-M, my versione was 3.03 and the latest is 3.24, which I found here at HP:

Now I finally have windows 7 running on it.

Hope this help someone,



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Re: HP Pavilion a1340n and Windows 7

Hi was not able to find  the link to upgrade Bios so I could load windows 7...please help..Thanks

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Re: HP Pavilion a1340n and Windows 7

Hello trying to upgrade to Windows 7 and keep getting "Stop" error.  The link you gave sent me nowhere please help, if upgrading Bios will help I need to know how to do it and where to get that upgrade...Thanks

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Re: HP Pavilion a1340n and Windows 7

Hello @mzleleoh,


Thanks for reaching out!


Check this link to get assistance in updating the BIOS: 

You can also check which discusses the same issue.


Let me know if that helps!

Thank you!


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