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HP Pavilion dv9700 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC !?!HELP!?!

I am about to go blind, and I'm really tired and cranky, so I apologize if I come off as anything other, than someone in dire need of tech help have a whole list of questions that I couldn't find definitive answers to, so I've kind of saved them all up for this one post.


I bought this laptop years ago, Vista Ultimate 64bit OS


I upgraded to Windows 7 sometime last year or so (this sucker isn't supported for the upgrade? say what HP?)


Everything was fine until I had to mess with...


Decided it was time to clean up do some formatting...deleted harddrives (recovery by accident-this was a headshaker for me....can't believe I did that!)


Reinstalled Windows 7, doesn't go so smoothly this time around, Bluetooth was kicking my *bleep!

And it is running way crappy...I don't understand....


Deleted and formatted harddrive again, and installed Windows 8...what a POS!


Deleted and formatted harddrive again, and reinstalled Windows 7, had much better luck with Bluetooth, lost my built in webcam for a bit, and graphics card drivers 8600GS latest nvidia drivers for 7 keeps crashing on me. And its still running like crap.


Thinking about going back to Vista....


Or is my graphics card or motherboard about to go out?


Oh, I am running a dual monitor setup due to my desktop dieing. Was wondering if the HP Pavilion Elite m9077c Desktop PC had any parts I would be able to use externally, ie, graphics card, other inputs, upgradeable?


So, basically, I'm asking if I stick with 7 or go back to Vista?


Is there any parts usable from the HP Pavilion Elite m9077c Desktop PC?


Is the notebook upgradeable hardware wise to improve performance?


Or am I going to have a second dead HP product on my hand here shortly? Kinda surprised the laptop outlasted the desktop, I definitely use it more often.


Any and all help would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: HP Pavilion dv9700 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC !?!HELP!?!

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It's a dv9000 series machine and they have been known for the solder on the video card to fail, so that may be a factor in all of this _ it's hard to say.


 If you went back to Vista (I am assuming that you can do this with your HP recovery discs) it would be to determine of the laptop has not developed a hardware issue.


 If you go to Windows 7 again try deleting the drive (not formatting), follow this tutorial. Delete all partitions to create unallocated space on the entire drive and let W7 format it automatically to create its own two partitions.

 Use the Vista drivers from your support page if no third party drivers are available.

 This may make a difference.


 After it's done (around 20 minutes) install your chipset driver first, go to Intel and run their Auto Driver Finder _ save it the he desk top and install it from there, not form a temporary folder.


 The rest of the drivers don't matter, but the next one I install is for the graphics driver direct from NVIDIA.


 This is for W7, 8 and Vista.


 To answer some of your other questions :


 I wouldn't bother upgrading it, it's kind of old and it's at its end of its life. Maybe time for a new laptop _ another brand perhaps.


Most of the parts will not fit in the Elite desk top, although if you got a hard drive adapter the smaller laptop drive can be made to fit in the desk top, but the hard drive is old so it may fail eventually.


 The laptop Ram and processor won't fit in the desk top either.




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