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How to windows 8.1 (non touch screen)

Hello, sorry this may be long winded and most if not all topics raised I'm sure will have already been covered elsewhere.


Can anyone please point me in the direction to a users manual which is directed for non-touch use? Can anyone tell me the real advantage to having win8 over win7 as I can't see any unless using an touch screen machine? Would one of the Win8 for dummies be advantageous to pick up or would it just be another manual focusing on touch screen? Please help, I am highly frustrated and considering downgrading to to win7.


I need help getting my head around windows 8 (or 8.1). I class my self of average windows intelligence and am familiar and comfortable with the previous versions. Recently I purchased a new HP laptop (standard, no touch screen) preloaded with win8 and have upgraded straight away to 8.1. I have watched loads of tutorials on how to use the new OS but they all take the assumption that you are using a touch screen machine and focus on this idea of personalisation and the social sharing (which I don't use and could care less). I agree it does look like a great for touch screen functions however, as I stated, I don't have a touch screen computer.
On the start screen I find the the controls cumbersome and awkward especially when using the laptop touch pad. Great for touch screen, poor for touch pad. It's more difficult to access program files as oppose to using the traditional start button. Many of the pre-loaded apps I find useless and just seem there to take up space on an already crowded  and untidy looking page. The apps don't an X in the top corner which makes it a ball ache to close the preograms. The mail app is useless if you intend to use email which uses POP. Microsoft's suggestions is to just simply open a new email account which uses the protocols they supports. A bit insensitive when people have had the same provider and email address for ten years or more. I can't find a way to use split screen while on the desktop and I can't find many of the functions I am use to in win7. Charms, don't get me started on the charms. I'm not a leprechaun looking for marshmallows in my cereal. That screen pops up whenever it feels like and then promptly disappears when I actually try to use it.

With all my complaining I do really want to like Windows 8 (8.1) but I find it really hard to when they don't provide much instruction on how to use it, at least use it with a conventional computer/laptop.


Thank you for your time.

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Re: How to windows 8.1 (non touch screen)

This inital question was  posted Dec 2013 without comment or reponse.  I am placed in the same situation (purchased desk top,HP P-2 1310, at an estate sale without a touch screen), without the touch screen am unsure what to do.  I need to find out if  this thing works before spending several hundred on new hardware .


Thank You in advance for any input.






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