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Is Jucheck safe?

Jucheck always wants to update Java for me. but i thought java was part of Sun (something). i use to get update notices from Sun systems (or something like that), but now jucheck is often wanting to make updates. The info available by googling jucheck is mainly from companies who are trying to play on people's concerns so they can sell you some program. Should i allow Jucheck to update java?

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Re: Is Jucheck safe?

jucheck.exe commonly pops up on systems with Norton installed.  For whatever reason, Norton does not detect the Sunfire's license properly and as such pops it up as coming from an "Unknown Publisher."


It is perfectly safe to allow it to run on your computer.  It simply stands for (j)ava (u)pdate check, and is basically checking against Sunfire's website to see if any new versions are available for upgrade.  If you ignore it you probably won't see any major differences, but it's better to keep it updated as websites are constantly coming out with new versions of Javascript, so to keep from having compatibility issues with certain websites, it is best to just accept the updates.


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Re: Is Jucheck safe?

Just to confirm what the other poster is saying: There's no reason to mistrust Sun's updates.  You allow Microsoft's updates, don't you?  Guess whose updates could do the most damage?  Smiley Wink


Hope this helps.


Hope this helps.
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Re: Is Jucheck safe?

Thanks for the reassuring information.  I was worried it was a virus, not an update! 

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Re: Is Jucheck safe?

Sun Microsystems, Inc. merged with a company called Oracle USA, Inc. If the company name on the update is Oracle America, Inc. then the update is safe because that is what the two companies merged to become.

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Re: Is Jucheck safe?

Thank you for the information. I have been denying this updater for months, thinking it was possibly a virus. Even my computer savy grandson did not know what it was.


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