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New Compaq says This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

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I have a new compaq and it has the default factory install of windows 7. I have had it since Friday. It is a Compaq Presario purchased from Wal-Mart model CQ61-411WM.


I had never turned the wireless internet off till a while ago.  About 10 minutes after I turned it off a message poped up in the right bottom corner of the screen saying " Windows 7 ( build number XXXX) ( I forget) This copy of Windows is Not Geniune.


I rebooted and the net connection is on by desault at startup and this message is no longer there.


I Know this copy is a valid copy. I have no doubt of that. It was sealed in a proper HP Compaq box and everything.. I have bought 2 of these models and everything is exact.


I want to know..


1) why did this message pop up in the first place?




2)  Does this mean Microsoft is perodicaly phoning Home to check to see if your PC is valid?


If that is the case I feel it is a rude intrusion. I would then need to find the software responsible for this and disable it. - if that is in fact what is happening.


Your thoughts good people?

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Re: New Compaq says This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

For this kind of problem, better post in MS forum here

MS has new technique to identify non-genuine of Windows 7, please verify your windows 7 in that forum.


To answer your questions:


1. Those massage was generated due to genuine validation result. It can be wrong detection but most of it are correct result.


2. MS periodically update their technique to detect non genuine software, if you bought the OS genuinely go posting in MS forum. Most of regular HP/Compaq users does not have your problem.


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Re: New Compaq says This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

I will try that.


 I didn't think it was a real common problem.. just thought someone may have come across it before.


At least it's good this thread is here in case anyone else with a new compaq laptop has the problem and searches for it.

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Re: New Compaq says This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

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I found the problem and would like to share my findings.


My Windows from HP in this new laptop is indeed a Genuine copy of Windows 7.


 I like to tweak windows services to run or not depending on the service. Disabling unwanted or un-needed services that you never use can greatly speed up your computer.


( But you have to research to really understand what a service does and how it works before you disable a service and can determine if it's not needed)


I have disabled a service called Software Protection in Services.msc. The windows validation tool works with this service and calls Microsoft on a regular basis to validate your Windows. This tool will call Microsoft every two weeks or it can be triggered by something you do in your computer like disabling services - which is your right to do.


For people who disable this service and or do not have internet it will trigger this tool into thinking you dont have a valid windows simply because it is unable to verify the windows instalation.


This Windows validation tool is buggy and badly written code because it should not be effected by services that Windows itself allows you to disable.


It is possible you can get the "Windows Not Genuine" error message on your new laptop if you have disabled this service or do not have an Internet connection or both.


Microsoft does not have a way to fix this problem with their tool at this time and may not even attempt to fix it as this is the way they want it to run.


I for one do not see the point of having this tool run more than once after it has verified that your Windows in in fact a valid copy, buit there is no legal way to turn it off or disable this tool.

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