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System Recovery Restoration Incomplete error

I have a corrupted hard disk on HP Pavilion DV7-4083CL running Windows 7 64bit.  I created recovery disks when I first obtained the computer.  I am using those disks to do a factory reset.  The disk formatting runs and all six disks are loaded onto the computer hard disk.  After a restart, Windows loads from the hard disk.  There are a few seconds of processing and the message "Restoration Incomplete"  appears with 3 buttons ( Save Log, Details and Retry ).  Save Log requests a disk with 2MB free but will not write to a blank CD-R.  Details has no apparent result.  Retry causes a reboot back to the same error display.


Are my recovery disks possibly bad?  I could order new ones from HP.  Is there some other prep I could try before the recovery process like removing partitions and reformatting?  Does the writeable media need to be prepared so that I can save the log?


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: System Recovery Restoration Incomplete error



Shut down the notebook.  Tap away at f10 as you start the notebook to enter the bios menu.  Under the Advanced or Diagnostic tab you should find the facility to run tests on both the Hard Drive and Memory.  Post back with the details of any error messages.


If both the above tests pass, try the following.


Wipe the entire Hard Drive and then try reinstalling the Operating System as detailed below.


Using another PC, download and install Killdisk on the link below - ( this application will write zeros to the entire drive ).


Download and install ImgBurn on the link below.


Go to the Kill Disk application you have installed in All Programs, open the main folder, then select Bootable Disk creators and from that select Bootable DOS CD Creator which will burn the bootable ISO to a blank CD.


During the next process do not worry about any warnings as your Recovery DVDs will reformat the HDD, re-creating all the original partitions.


Insert this Kill Disk CD in to your notebook. Shut the notebook down, then start it again to boot from the Killdisk CD and follow the on screen instructions for Kill Disk.


A brief description of the process is here Killdisk.


Use this to wipe the whole of the Hard Drive, highlight (80h) and press f10 ( you will also have to type a confirmation and hit enter ) - ( this will make sure you include all partitions and then start the process - this may take a couple of hours! ). 


When the process is complete, remove the Killdisk CD, insert your first HP Recovery Disc and try the installation again.






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Re: System Recovery Restoration Incomplete error

Thanks for the suggestions.  I downloaded the KillDisk and cleared the partition.  I then used a partition manager to delete it.  I started the restoration again.  The result was the same error.  I went back to the partition manager and there were 3 new partitions but no success.  I ordered the HP System Recovery disk and will try this again when it arrives.

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Re: System Recovery Restoration Incomplete error

 I received the Recovery disks from HP that I ordered.  They have restored the disk to factory and I am on my way back to normal.  Apparently, the disks i burned when I first setup the computer were incorrect or corrupted.

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Re: System Recovery Restoration Incomplete error

I can get to a command prompt, anyone know a command to make fix this problem?
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Re: System Recovery Restoration Incomplete error

This does not work!!!!!!!

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