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HP 6730s - Battery problem

Dear all,

 I have a problem with my battery, and I am so confused about it. I describe the whole story what and how it happened.


I was trying to connect a video projector to my laptop (was running on battery). I was not aware that one of the pins in the projector´s plug in was broken, so I could put it into my laptop in either way (look at this image the middle row, the last pin). So I plugged in wrongly (upside down) and my laptop was powered off suddenly. I thought there was a software problem, so I did it again and again (3 times), then I looked at the socket and realized the problem.

After that time my battery was not working properly, and after 2-3 months the battery life is really low.


up to hear, it seems that my battery is out of work.

But when I do HP BATTERY TEST, it says battery is OK.

And most surprising, sometimes my laptop works for near 2 hours,,,


In my windows toolbar, battery is always shows 100%. never goes down, and the times it works for 2 hours, it remains 100% until it shots down suddenly.


I think the problem is from a part in my laptop which optimizes the battery life, and if fact the battery itself is OK, but it thinks that battery is not working ...


What do you think? I really don´t know what to do, I don't afford buying a new one, and don't know if I spend 90 Euro for a new battery, if the will work or not! Please help me.

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Re: HP 6730s - Battery problem

Hi Amin,


I am facing the same issue. Could you please tell me the solution/workaround that you taken.

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Re: HP 6730s - Battery problem



BIOS is very important and often it cause short battery life problem


try to update

HPQFlash for HP Notebook System BIOS (68PZD and 68PZU)- Microsoft Windows-Based


System Default Settings for Microsoft Windows 7


System Default Settings for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP


last thing is OS reinstall if updates fail

its kinda optimistic but i hope you didnt broke you laptop by connecting crushed plug into it

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Re: HP 6730s - Battery problem


My laptop is 6730s series....It was Win Vista Home Basic in the beginning...An year nd half back i 4matted my laptop to Win&...It was working perectly since then...But recently my Laptop got frequent problems due to which i had to format it again...After that onwards i'm having problem with muy power management....My laptop only works wen it is in batter mode...But the moment i plug in the power cord the system becomes very slow....The battery is perfectly fine but the power is not supporting to it........please i request any1 to help me out from this issue....




                                                                                                                              Thanking you..!!!!!!

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Re: HP 6730s - Battery problem



i also have a problem  regarding turning on the laptop. i guess its due to battery.....


My laptop is hp 6730s series laptop. about a year back my battery was useless and it didnt support life for even a second and i used to work when power was  plugged in.It was going well. and then i replaced my adapter and it was working well but these days it doesn't even power up when power is plugged in.


Im in doubt that whether  my battery is so useless that it doesnt even help to turn on the laptop or what??


Plz any one rply soon as possible......



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