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HP Pavilion dv7 4020sa RAM memory upgrade



I've recently purchased a dv7 4020sa laptop which already has 3 GB of RAM memory, though it can be extended up to 8 GB.

I'm contemplating the possibility of enhancing the laptop performance by adding more RAM memory, however I've got a few doubts/concerns:


1) Would the OS recognize/use more than 3 GB? The laptop OS is Windows 7 64 bits.

2) After checking the RAM memory prizes, upgrading to 6 GB (by replacing the already installed 1 GB module with a 4 GB new one) is unaffordable to me right now, but I could get a 2 GB module. Though, should the OS support/use in its entirety 4 GB of RAM memory, does it make that much of a difference 4 GB vs. 3 GB in terms of laptop performance?


Please, let me know.



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Re: HP Pavilion dv7 4020sa RAM memory upgrade

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If you are doing video editing or running some intense games, then no, you probably don't need all that ram. If you want to upgrade to 4 gig's that's plenty for most applications.


  If you are person that likes to have 20 or 30 windows open at a time then it may put a dent in it.


Open up a large number of programs and have them running at the same time. Create a scenario that is making the computer work hard.


 Now push ctrl-alt- delete all at ounce to get to your task manager while everything is running and click on the performance tab in the heading bar. What is circled is how much ram is being used of my 3Gb. It's not yet using 1 GB.


 If it's getting close to your max then it's time to add more.


 If you are gaming that has more to do with your video card then your ram and you can't upgrade your video card on an HP laptop.


 To answer your other question_because the laptop is running 64 bit then it will support up to 8 Gb.


 If you still want to add some then remove the 1 gig stick and replace it with a 2 gig stick. It's relatively inexpensive and is readily available.



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Re: HP Pavilion dv7 4020sa RAM memory upgrade

Hey Haggis,


First off, thanks a bunch for replying. I've followed your piece of advise and created a scenario with lots of applications running at once that would blow my old laptop off... And noticed that the ram used was about 1.6 GB. However, after closing all those applications, the ram used got down to 1.1 GB only... So, I started checking the Task Manager out and realized the trillions of background applications/processes running at the same time. The big majority of them, obviously belong to Windows and I'm pretty positive that mot of them are totally useless. There were also a big number of HP applications and now I'm wondering whether some of them may be doing the same function of Windows processes, hence being redundant.


So... I guess I'll be googling in order to get a list of background applications that can be disabled. Well thanks again for your help, you've opened my eyes Smiley Happy... I even learnt about "services.msc" while checking the Task Manager.

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Re: HP Pavilion dv7 4020sa RAM memory upgrade

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Type in msconfig in the search box under the start button. Go to "Start Up" in the heading bar and you can disable things in there. If you don't know what they are for, do the unknown ones, one at a time, that way if something stops you know that it should not have been disabled. Goggling is the best way to find out for Windows. Windows is under Services.


 Two Windows ones that can be stopped for sure are "Bitlocker Drive Encryption Service" unless you are using it and "Telephony" They may already be stopped. Telephony is a left over dinosaur from when dial up modems were used. Not even telephone companies use that technology anymore.


 On my machines I have gone even further and uninstalled HP Advisor, HP support Assistant, HP Update and Quick Launch button software. These are all resource hogs and personally my machines run better with out them.


 Some people like HP Advisor because it checks the battery life and other applications on the computer, but HP Advisor can be come problematic and stop working. It's not the greatest piece of software on the planet.


 If you really want a fast computer, you can get a solid state hard drive. There is a hybrid one out now that is quite affordable. I will see if I can find it for you. The other is to upgrade your processor.


 If you are interested in that there is a member here by the name of "Huffer" that is better suited then I to help you with that.


 Have fin with this !  Smiley Happy

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Re: Brand new HP envy 5646 printer Unable to set up, "printer error. There is a problem with the ...



You're welcome. Smiley Happy


I'm glad to know that you chose the option that best suits you. Take care and happy printing. Smiley Happy

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