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Problem with Pavilion dv6000

About a week or two ago, I started it (my HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop) up and it would show the loading screen as usual... then flash to a blue screen with a bunch of text and shut down! This kept happening so I hit F10 and made sure everything was okay. Alright, seems good, so what's the problem? I run a hard disk test and it tells me this:


#10004-replace hard disk


I open my computer up, check that the hard disk is okay. No dust in it, no missing parts, it should be fine. But no matter what I do it won't let me boot it up. So I call HP. I'm not under warranty so I bought a recovery CD and a new hard disk from them. They send me a new hard disk but it's not the same as I had before. It fits in the computer just fine, it's the same brand, but it's not the exact same model. Oh well, it should work. I put it in and guess what... it doesn't work.


I then put the recovery CD in there and when I boot it up it says "Windows is loading files". After it loads it takes me to a recovery manager and asks me if I want to return it to factory condition. I don't want to lose my data, but this is a new hard drive and doesn't have my stuff on there (I figure I'll find a way to transfer files from my old disk to my new one later). So I say yes, return to factory condition, and the next thing it does is pop open a window that says:


Error 0x4001001300001002


No matter what I do, no matter what methods I try, it doesn't work. I've been at it for so long and haven't made any progress. So I figure I'll call HP again and explain the situation. So I do and they say they'll send me a CD that should work. Great! I mean this hard disk obviously works with this computer, it fits and they wouldn't send me it if it didn't work, right?


So I get the package today and open it up. Yay! My CD is here! Wait, it's the same thing. THE SAME CD I HAD BEFORE. Now I have two of them! This doesn't help, honestly I'm not totally lost when it comes to computers. I can fix them just fine most of the time and I've searched all over the net for some sort of solution but nothing works. Can anyone please help me and give me some better advice than the guy from the Philippines I talked to? Please don't tell me I wasted over $100 and it's all for nothing? Thanks in advance!!! (And if it helps to know, I have Vista)

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Re: Problem with Pavilion dv6000



I'm not quite sure I understand what you are doing, because I have never performed a system recovery on a HP consumer notebook.


Are you loading the restore CD and asking it to do a system recovery?  If so you are probably getting the error because when you are asking it to restore the PC to factory condition, you are getting the Error 0x4001001300001002 because the computer is looking for the boot manager file info from your old hard drive, which of course isn't there.


What are your options after you boot from the recovery disk and it has loaded the files?  Are there any other options than the recovery manager?  If not, are there any other options other than return the PC to factory condition?  What you need the recovery disk to do is format the partion, and load the OS and drivers, if the drivers came with the recovery disk. Otherwise you just get the drivers on the HP support site for the applicable product.


I have done system reloads on lots of HP business desktops and notebooks and those recovery disks must work differently then what yours is doing.



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