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dv7 bios update

im wondering if there will be another bios update for dv7 4000 series, ive seen theres no bios update since 8 months ago ("latest" is F23), while other hp models have lastest bios updates. i have F23, had the F27 but it isnt there anymore, F27 was launched in april but was taken off. 

anyone knows if there will be a new bios update sooner?

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Re: dv7 bios update

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What problem are you having that you think you need a BIOS update ?


 Updating the BIOS just because there is a new version is never a good idea, especially of the computer is working fine.


 HP would disagree with this, but given the amount of "bricked" computers lately from corrupted BIOS updates, HP needs to rethink their strategy.


 You have to understand the when the BIOS is updated the information is changed on a chip on the mother board, when things go wrong, very often the repair is to replace the mother board.


 HP give just enough information for people to hang them selves with and then will not take responsibility when things go irreversibly wrong.

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Re: dv7 bios update



It's hard to say what HP is doing with the bios for the dv7 laptops.  I have a dv7-4100t and the bios level is F.26.


This is the first post where someone has indicated a F.27 bios level.

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Re: dv7 bios update

The solution to all those bricked motherboards is for hp to go to a dual bios system such as on Gigabyte or Asus desktop motherboards. That way if the bios craps out during the flash update, there is another to fall back on.


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