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sticky touchpad

My touchpad is so sticky.  It's very difficult to slide my finger around.  Does anyone have any tips or advice?

I have a G60-630US Notebook.

The touchpad is the same plastic or metal as rest of the front strip.  It's integrated and demarcated by an indentation.

The problem is moisture.  The slightest bit of moisture on my finger makes it stick, just like you'd expect your finger to when dragging it across a plastic or metallic surface.  My last laptop's touchpad had a special papery surface - it was NEVER an issue.  This is driving me bonkers.  It's enough of a problem that I wish I had known or I never would have bought this laptop.  Can the front plate and touchpad be replaced with another design?

Do I just douse myself in talcum powder before using the laptop?

Or must I resort to a mouse, God forbid.

ANY tips please, I'm desperate and slowly going insane here.  How do people manage?  I'm not some sweaty beast typing away here.  It's totally normal to have fingers that aren't bone dry!  What a terrible design.


OK.  Taking my frustration and pain offline now.  Thanks for reading.


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Re: sticky touchpad

Try a little silicone spray on a paper towel, rub a thin layer onto the track pad and let dry.

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Re: sticky touchpad

I realize this answer is 6 years late, but perhaps others will find this thread looking for a solution to this problem.  A little spray of dry hair shampoo on the fingertips works great. I'm also going to try keeping a cube of pool chalk by my desk.  


I also will try the silicone spray idea.

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