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A message keeps popping up "Intel My WiFi Technology an unamed device has disconnected"

I purchased a new HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20Ghz 6Gb memory 64-bit operating system running Windows 7 Home Premium.


A message keeps popping up "intel my WiFi Technology an unamed device has disconnected" and then the same message but device is now conntected appears.  It just keeps going on and on.  How do i stop it?

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Re: A message keeps popping up "Intel My WiFi Technology an unamed device has disconnected&quot

Hi Kyria,


If you have your wireless turned on,

And you have your Bluetooth enabled,

AND you have "enabled" the Intel My Wifi Technology software


You may have a bluetooth device sitting near your computer that is "just within" range but cannot connect properly.  Maybe your phone?  Something...



More information:

Wi-Fi Direct


Some YouTube help for "All Things Intel My Wifi"

Intel® My WiFi Technology


The Intel My Wifi Technology is used to set up your computer as a Wireless hub, that is, to make it possible for wireless devices to connect to your computer to gain wireless access.


From the Intel® My WiFi Technology website:

"Intel® My WiFi Technology (Intel® MWT),1 included with Intel® Centrino® wireless products, transforms your Microsoft Windows 7* laptop into a Wi-Fi Personal Area Network2 and enables you wirelessly share your videos, photos, music or the Internet from your laptop to your HDTV with Intel® Wireless Display."


If you are sitting at home, connected to the Internet through your router or ISP modem,

AND you are not using the software to connect as described in the help files and videos,

Then you do not need to have the software enabled - turn it off.


Task Bar > Click on the icon for Intel® My WiFi Technology > Disable "Intel® My WiFi Technology"


Leave the "plain" WiFi seletion on...



I hope this helps solve the problem.


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Re: Popup at startup States WiFi & Lan disconnected when WiFi is on, and working.

[ Edited ]

     Though I also have a DV6, it is an AMD 3510MX APU version, not Intel. My Desktop is Intel, and I prefer Intel, but when on a budget, you can't beat AMD based Lappys for value.

     Thanks for explaining how the WiFi works as your answer applies to my lappy as well though I do not have bluetooth. My problem or question had been, why does my WiFi say it is not connected when in fact it is connected, and I can surf the net so am 100 percent positive the WiFi is in fact on? Through reading your answer, I surmised the WiFi will only say it is on or connected when using the laptop as a hub or setting the laptop up with at least one other computer, tablet, television, set top box roku & the like, in the home connected via WiFi, and the homegroup option on my laptop. I understand now. 

     This is the same or simular reason the Lan also shows up disconnected (I did figure this one out, duh lol) as the lan being used is connected to my desktop, and I am connecting all computers and devices to the net through my router which is also connected to the desktop using the desktops Lan. I don't want all devices in my home to have acess to one another so have not setup a homegroup, hence the lan, and WiFi are always going to be seen as being off on all devices, but the desktop. I'm a logical thinker, and have no idea why I didn't figure this out. lol Thanks

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Re: A message keeps popping up "Intel My WiFi Technology an unamed device has disconnected&



Such a simple fix but sortedme right out.. I can't tell you how frustrating it was having the pop up 'pop up' every ten seconds.. Especially when watching films etc on the Plasma..


Thank you for posting a response, (even though the initial question wasn't mine)!


One wonders how many people you've assisted unwittingly?



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