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Wifi Problem



About two weeks ago I bought a HP pavilion g6-2213sa. Ever since the internet has not been working properly. It says that I am connected in the bottom right corner of the desktop but when I go to use the internet it says 'webpage is unavailable' 

I have spoken to HP technical support and they said they would send a new wireless card
I have spoken to Currys (where I bought the laptop) and they said that it is because HP is not very compatible with Eircom wifi routers (Eircom is my internet service provider)

I have also rang Eircom and they said to change my power management settings, which did work for a while but it isn't anymore. They now think I need a new router and gave me the option of buying one from them or else buying one in a computer shop.

I have connected the laptop to other wifi routers in friends houses and it has worked perfectly which makes me think that it is the fact that the Eircom router is not compatible with HP laptops

I would like to ask if anyone else has had this problem and also if I was to buy a new wifi router which one would be compatible with my laptop?

I would really appreciate help as I am sitting staring at a brand new laptop that I can do nothing with! Its torture! Smiley Sad


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Re: Wifi Problem

Hello NiamhMcMenamin,


You’re having problem with laptop staying connected to the network. Since HP has already offered to replace the network card, I would try that first just to make sure it’s not the card.


I don’t think that it is a problem with the router not being compatible with the computer; it’s the software (Windows 8).

Here is a link that will tell you what products are compatible with Windows 8.


I have a Linksys router that I haven’t had any problems with.


Let me know if this helps.


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Re: Wifi Problem

I too have been having the same issues with this model laptop.


Eircoms only solution is turn off the power management (which doesn't work) and any drivers which they suggest equally do not work.


I bought this laptop back in febuary and shortly after my brother bought a samsung model with similar spec's and including Windows 8 and thus so far has had no problems with his internet connection or staying connected to the internet even after long downloading or streaming. (which is where my hp laptop always loses its connection). Which then requires me to reset the modem to get the internet working again on the laptop.


So I find it hard to believe that its a windows 8 problem.


It seems to only be on this model that the problem persists as the wifi network in my house services a Macbook, a samsung, another hp model, an ipad and a sony and apple mobile phone. (all which work perfectly with the wifi router). I have read many fourms and chats like this with the only solution being turn off the power management (which doesn't work) and I think its definately an issue with this model that needs to be addressed for those who have purchased one and those thinking of doing so.


I hope this issue is resloved soon as its very very frustrating.

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Re: Wifi Problem

Hello Philkav,


You’re losing connection to the internet.


It might be a problem with the wireless card.


You can give HP a call and tell them that the card will stop responding. They’ll have you go through a couple of trouble shooting steps but then they should replace the wireless card for you.


Here is a link to a number to call HP and see what options they have.


Let me know how everything goes

Have a good day.

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