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why does my wireless signal turn off randomly?

when i am using my computer, i could be doing anything and my wireless signal turns off and the light goes from blue to orange. i need to turn it back on from orange to blue to get access again and sometimes it happens multiple times within a span of 2 minutes. Why does this happen and how can i fix it?

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Re: why does my wireless signal turn off randomly?



Try a Hard Reset.


Shutdown the notebook, remove the AC Adapter and then remove the battery.  Now hold down the power button for a full minute.  Then re-insert the battery, plug in the AC Adapter and start the notebook to see if this has helped the issue.






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Re: why does my wireless signal turn off randomly?



On my Pavilion dv8t, the wireless was randomly shutting off and turning on all by itself.  Also, the bass and treble settings were changing by themselves (as evidenced by the on-screen display bar moving left and right by itself).  These functions are changeable by using the top touchbar, and I had thought that maybe the HP Tone Control was malfunctioning or the Intel wireless hardware was flakey.


I tried your "hard reset" suggestion, and it fixed both problems!  Thank you!!


Is the "hard reset" a documented technical support solution?  I had never heard of it before this, and I've been "messing with computer hardware" for over 20 years.  Do you know why it seems to fix a "laptop gone wild" like that?  I'm just curious.


Thanks again!



- Chris S.


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Re: why does my wireless signal turn off randomly?

I have a HP Pavilion laptop with intel core i7 windows 7 and nvidea and i have the same problem my computer will not stay connecteed to the internet, the volume,bass, and treble go up and down for no reason, and it overheats... a lot. It has been like this since i got it brand new and can barely handle me trying to type up a 250 word essay on microsoft word which takes about an hour or so. I have tried tons of things and since the staff people only tell us to reset our computers and then never reply again, im convinced that  it is an unfinished product. They didnt test it out, and peronally it has plenty of bugs on it for me. Half the time it will not even connect to the internet period. I have installed 3 games on it, Combat Arms, now deleted, Starcraft 2 which i realize is an overhaul for any laptop, and towns,  a simple little game which is very simple and graphics meant to look like an older game. (Very poor graphics) It has not been able to startup a game for more than 2 and a half minutes or it will crash, overheat so fast my legs burn if its on my lap, and freeze. I am currently typing on it fighting the random changes in volume, etc. I personally think its not for gaming, internet surfing, or work. What it is good for, ask someone else i have no clue.

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