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Ok guys, this is pretty exciting... after hours of research and fearing the fact of losing screws and my warranty if i opened my laptop open, i figured there had to be another way. I was right


I can not explain to you how warm my laptop constantly was, the fan WAS ALWAYS ON... ive sent the laptop to hp to get the fan replaced, yet again the same problem occured. And i managed to solve this in 3 easy steps. 

I made an account just to tell everyone who is having this problem and hopefully it will help them the way it helped me.





After installing the bios update, or if you already have the latest bios... restart your computer and enter your bios settings

turn of the option for always keeping the fan on!


I know this is going to sound stupid... but i vacuumed my air vents on my computer to get all the dust and what not out...

and it seemed to work. I vacuumed each side for about 1-2 minutes each moving the vacuum around.

Im telling you, that you need to do this.

And that's it... i have a completely overheating free laptop now. It used to be unbearable, it would overheat for no reason and i couldnt stand the fan problem.

But now when i run high end games the performance has increased massively.

And games such as CSS doesnt even START UP THE FAN!! ITS CRAZY! it barely works the fan i was so shocked... before it would overheat like you couldnt believe, freeze every minute... but now its amazing. no sound no nothing.

programs such as autocad run perfect, no fan is worked at all... dead silence.


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Yes You are right! I even did Exactly What you said before seeing your post .. It's actually True and Worked!! Blowing the air vents by an Air Blower or (Vaccuming) really Fixes this problem ... Hope this can help people who suffer the HP Overheating problem!

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I tried to clean the fan from the outside several times for weeks and nothing, the laptop continued to overheat to a scary temparature.


So I decided to open to see the fan, I had to open the entere laptop to get to the fan (why don't they have an opening for the fan? I don't know). Opening the laptop was far more complicated that I first anticipated.


When finally to the fan, I verify the fan, it seemed rather clean, not so much dust or lint as I was expecting. I did vacuum for a long time, closed the laptop, etc


And it's been so much cooler now, I just can't believe!


I was very reluctant about opening the laptop to clean, but it actually worked.

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[ Edited ]

Here is what happened with my HP DV7 7047 cl. It has a manufacturers defect in it, that I fixed myself. I bought mine at SAMS CLUB in the summer of 2012. It is a i7 beats edition DV7 notebook, I'm guessing the same thing is happening with HP's line of DV6 and DV7 laptops. Mine has a nvidia GPU in it, but they also come with ati radeon GPU's. It isn't surprising they are taking them off the market right now.

If your laptop has 2 vents, and the one in the back is not blowing air through it then your laptop possibly has the same problem mine had, and you need to take it to replace the inner fan piece which was designed for only one vent. The way it works is both of these vents are made out of aluminum and are separately connected to the CPU and GPU. The one to the side is your GPU one. The aluminum vent in the back cools your CPU. If your CPU isn't getting any ventilation then your laptop wont last long and could possibly start a fire. Here is how I fixed mine by myself. And how you can fix yours too.

Before taking it apart call HP Support and ask them if you can open it up to "clean it". They will give you permission so it doesn't void the HP warranty.

My laptop would reach between 70c, 80c, 90c, even 100c and would get extremely hot, but wouldn't overheat. And I was concerned because my laptop is only 3 months old. It would get very hot. So I decided to take it apart and see what was going on inside. I followed the instructions on HP's website, they have online guides and manuals for taking your laptop apart and putting it back together. If you need instructions on finding your manual for your laptop then email me at Doing this fixed my laptop entirely. It never gets hot now, it runs faster and can play games at their maximum settings. The CPU will stay only at 60c, 65c at its tops. It's like magic.

Here is how you can surgically correct your faulty laptop fan. You're going to make an opening in the fan, cutting a bit of plastic off, so that the other vent to your CPU can get ventilation, if worst comes to worst, you can jot down the name of the fan on the sticker and go to HP's website and order a new piece to replace it for like 50 bucks.

What you need is...
A small screwdriver
A tiny screwdriver
And (optional) some thermal compound to replace your cooked old compound. Mine was like chalk, I replaced it and it helped cool down my laptop by like 10c. You can get thermal compound at Radio Shack, and the silver stuff is the best.

First open it up carefully, take your time, and take out the motherboard. Its the big chip with the fan connected to it and the aluminum vents.

Next, If you're planning on replacing your thermal compound, then unscrew the bolts on the heat sinks and take the big metal pieces off the chip, place your motherboard chip to the side. Now take the piece with your heat sinks, fan and vents connected to it, and turn it around.

Next unscrew the 4 or 5 tiny bolts behind the fan. So you can take the inner fan piece out. Notice its shape, does it have an opening for your other vent? If not, then make one. Cut an opening in the plastic, the size of the other vent. I used a knife carefully angled to cut the plastic off. Once I cut it, I just bent it off the bottom to take it off. Place the fan back into its frame and screw in the tiny bolts.

Now replace your thermal compound. You can use a Q tip with the cotton off of it, to scrape off the old gunk - then clean it with a slightly wet Q tip. You can use a little rubbing alcohol but you shouldn't need much. Next put a drop of the new compound on the heat sinks and the chip. Using some plastic wrap on your finger even it carefully on top of the little silver parts where the old stuff was.

Now you're good to put it all back together. Gently place the heat sinks on the chip and don't move them while you screw the heat sinks back into the chip.

Carefully put the laptop back together and you're done.

Here's a picture of my fan, and how I fixed mine. I didn't bother to take the piece out when I took the picture cause those tiny bolts are a PAIN to take out with a knife when you don't have a tiny screwdriver.




Here is a new picture of my updated Fan mod

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This last post, by animenick345hopefully right above mine, was DEFINITELY the trick.  I spent a few hours today doing what he suggested.  Taking the machine apart cutting away portions of the fan casing and replacing the thermal paste on the chip.  I was VERY nervous, not being a hardware guy at all.  I was very afraid I was going to brick the machine.  But after putting it all back together (and somehow not putting about 13 screws back in), I fired it back up.  


Before I had to set the power to about 75% just to keep it running at around 170f constantly.  I mean with it just sitting there with my Gmail open and nothing else.  Now I have it running at 100% CPU, I'm able to play Assassin's Creed 3, and the temperature has gone no higher than about 160, and that's at 100% instead of 75%.  Everything is faster, obviously, and the machine isn't shutting down in the middle of a game like it normally does for me.


Thanks so much for your post.  Found it a couple months ago, and had the printout sitting around waiting for a good time to do it.  Was glad I did.


By the way, a single thing of silver thermal paste to put on the CPU ran me about $12 at Radio Shack.  (And I had to buy a decent set of jeweler's screwdrivers, mine sucked.  $8 at Harbor Freight.)


Thanks again!

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[ Edited ]

That's great to hear! I'm glad it worked for you too. I was nervous too when I did it lol. I always open my computer up and keep checking up on it, to clean the dust too. Especially since I way overuse mine for gaming.


But I remember going back in a second time and realizing that I made a small mistake in the way I cut it, and I had to do some more modifiying.


There is 2 layers of plastic blocking the airway. The one outside I cut to match the size of the vent, but the one inside I only cut to match the size of the cut I did outside, and what this did was create like a backwards C inside the fan for heat to get trapped in. It wasn't much of a big deal, but fixing it did help it run cooler.


If you need any more help, or a photo you're welcome to email me at [Personal Information Removed].


And again I'm glad it worked for you man. I knew someout out there would be going through the same thing with this laptop and would be happy with this fix! I feel like this is one of the best computers I've ever had now after I modified it!

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Excellent information. I picked up a used dv7 that had a power jack problem. Fixed it but then laptop would overheat. Had to run it on a cooling fan platform just to keep it from abnormally shutting down. Anyway, I examined mine & it has 2 vents, one of them not passing any air. So I'm going to try this technique. Given several positive replies, I'm hopeful that it'll work (fingers crossed).
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I have a laptop, it keeps over heating and shutting down, it never use to do this to me, when I logg online it just keeps freezing on me, I've loaded some other things onto it (my laptop) from the internet, yet if I switch the internet off, and watch movies on my laptop it's sweet as, please can someone help me out?

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It's work perfect!!


Thanks, i love you Smiley Very Happy !


STEP 2 & 3 Are very important!!!


Thanks a lot!

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@ BadisDjazair, 


Great we are glad those steps worked for you, hopefully they help others who post to this thread. 




Have a good day. 

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