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HP Mini 2140 wireless connection problems

I have a new HP mini 2140 and am having some wireless connction issues.  I've tried a few of the ideas I've seen posted here for other minis but haven't had success yet.  My mini's symptoms:

 *  I can connect at unsecured wireless locations with apparent no problem.  However, email I send from that location doesn't seem to actually go anywhere.  I don't get any error messages.

*  I can halfway connect at home which has a Linksys wireless access point and Comcast ISP.  "Halfway" means I can get to unsecured public websites, I can get to Gmail.  But some secured/passworded websites don't work.  I can get to them, but when I try to enter passworded areas nothing happens.  For example, I go to (ISP's website), I enter my user name and password, and it says I am there.  But I cannot get to my email inbox - I click, but nothing happens.  Another example, I cannot make purchases -- I can go to Amazon or Microsoft or wherever, I can enter my credit card information, but when I click on "submit order" nothing happens.  No error message, just doesn't do anything.

* I can't connect at other secured wireless locations that require a password or code.  No error mesage, just nothing happens.  I've done some tests with the laptop and an iphone, and the iphone connects fine so it's not the connection or the location -- it's definitely the Mini 2140.


The netbook is running Windows XP Home, has a Broadcom 4322AG 802.11 a/b/g/draft-n wireless adaptor.  I've tried to update the Broadcom driver, but it won't let me.  And as far as I can tell from Broadcom's website, I can't download an updated driver directly, it says to contact one's product manufacturer. Device manager says the driver version is 10/22/2008, driver version


HP technical support was less than helpful.  Their answer after a few preliminary questions was to suggest wiping the entire computer and reinstalling the operating system.  They did no diagnostics on the wireless adaptor and no matter what I said, they didn't suggest any changes to wireless settings at all.




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Re: HP Mini 2140 wireless connection problems

I also have a brand new HP Mini 2140 and I have similar problems.  I can connect to unsecured wifi and surf the web without problem.  However, for secured wifi (including my Belkin N1 router at home with WPA-PSK/TKIP), I get a connection but practically do not receive (or send) any packet data (which I see by looking at the General tab of the wireless network connection status box). I am sure that my home router is not the problem as I am able to connect notebooks and mobile phones without problem.


I spent almost an hour on the phone with HP support  and we tried various things, including uninstalling the wi-fi adapter, doing ping tests, etc.  The HP guy did his best but there was no clear solution to the problem.  The HP guy ultimately said I should check with Belkin the appropriate channel for the router;  I found out what the channel was and changed the channel setting for the wi-fi adapter (and it also did not work). 


The HP Mini 2140 is running Windows XP Home SP3 and has a Broadcom 4322AG 802.11 a/b/g/draft-n wireless adapter.  I was told by someone that he has read somewhere that the problem may be solved by a Windows patch;  unfortunately, he cannot find that posting.  

I also tried to download the latest Broadcom Wireless Lan Driver (ver 7.20 dated February 20, 2009) from the HP site but the link to the software is broken


Any ideas you may have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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Re: HP Mini 2140 wireless connection problems

It does not work ,because your Mini2140 Notbook have different IP address than connecting PC(resp. 169.x.x.x to 192.x.x.x)

You have to change at least to 192 on Notebook. Maybe that will help 

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Re: HP Mini 2140 wireless connection problems

I just recieved my HP Mini 2140. I have the exact same issue. I have 4 other computers connected to my Buffalo router running DD-WRT firmware (never had a single problem with any device connecting to its current config). Wireless is set for WPA Personal. The netbook see's the ssid, full signal, asks for password sits and tries to connect, but the end result is Media Disconnected. If i turn off encryption on the router it works fine, but that is completely unacceptable. I am running XP SP3 and have the latest Feb 2009 Broadcom driver from the HP driver site.



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Re: HP Mini 2140 wireless connection problems

Hi there -


From what I've seen on the boards here, this is a widespread problem.


I have a Mini 1035nr - brand new - would connect to unsecured, but not secured, wireless connections.  It was running windows xp sp 3. 


I have FOUR other laptops which were able to connect AND WORK with my secured, 128-bit WEP encrypted router - a Westell 327w with Verizon ISP.  I'm using my HP Pavillion dv6000 RIGHT NOW on this SAME SECURED WIRELESS CONNECTION.


Sorry for shouting, but I'm sure HP is aware of this problem.  The problem is that they don't seem to have a solution.  Why they continue to play the charade of "helping" us with tech support over the phone, I'm not sure.  This is definitely NOT a router or ISP issue.  It's too widespread.  The commonality seems to be an HP notebook.......the variables are routers and ISPs.  (i.e. the problem is HP notebook-dependent)


I've decided to return my notebook and I'm very sad about this.  I'm into troubleshooting and intrigued by this problem.  I hope someone finds a solution.  This is my very last post and last minute spent on this problem.  Good luck to all.



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Re: HP Mini 2140 wireless connection problems

Is there an alternate MiniPCI card that I can buy? Much like the one out of an MSI Wind or Acer Aspire which both work fine with WEP and WPA. Its too bad theres no easy access door on the bottom of the deviceIt looks like the keyboard and palm rest would need to be removed to then lift the system board out of the machine to access the cardI could go with an external usb card, but that will probably eat more power and chew up one of the 2 available usb ports.


Yesterday I fully reinstalled Windows XP SP3 on the machine, along with all of the latest drivers on HP's site. This ended with the same result.


Mine too will be have to be returned if no solution can be found.

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Re: HP Mini 2140 wireless connection problems - no problem under Mandriva 2009.1

I installed Mandriva 2009.1 and got both WEP and (converted to) WPA running on my Linksys.


I never tried the Windows XP that shipped with the laptop although I retained it on a partition.


I believe that the broadcom drivers for Linux are more mature than the XP drivers and they  are pre-installed on the newest version of Mandriva.


I  suggest you try the 600 Meg mandriva one 2009.1 version and see if you like it.  It takes about 30 minutes to download.  If you like it,  i suggest the full versions.  I paid for the Powerpack version, but the gratis versions may be good enough if you don't care about playing DVDs.


I got tired of continually searching for drivers and purchasing microsoft office on my Windows machines.  That is why I converted to Linux.  I think Mandriva is the best of breed. 

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Re: HP Mini 2140 wireless connection problems - no problem under Mandriva 2009.1

Continuing prior post:


And to be clear, I got the WEP and WPA running on a HP 2140 HD under Mandriva 2009.1 powerpack version.

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Re: HP Mini 2140 wireless connection problems

I had been on the phone with HP business tech support for over an hour, trying to solve this problem with my broadcom wifi card. It detects wireless networks, sometimes allows me to enter in a WEP but will either connect for only a few minutes, or not connect at all.


I have resetted the bios, it's also the most up to date version as well as is the driver. I have tried using windows to detect and select the networks to use (set to automatic) I have also installed the broadcom utility to detect and select the networks and I went through this twice. My HP mini 2140 still has the same problems. I am running XP with SP2 and have opt to stay SP2 for more stability over SP3. This problem is across multiple OS including Vista, VistaSP1 and XPSP2 XPSP3.


I've tried hardcoding my 2140 to have a static IP and continue to have problems. I changed channels on my router, etc.


I don't know what the deal is. The tech support person told me that I would have to get a replacement or have mine serviced. I already installed software via usb optical and used up product keys on this netbook, so i've already invested some amount into it. I really do not want to return this baby. And if I get a replacement/serviced, I'm afraid it will still have the same problem, since from this forum alone and others across the web, this isn't an isolated incident. It's happening to many people.


What are possible solutions? Does this problem only occur when trying to connect to secure networks?

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Re: HP Mini 2140 wireless connection problems

I have had the same problems.

What I noticed is that the connection is 1/5 as fast as it should be even when not using encryption.

The card clearly closes the network address and usually cannot automatically reconnect.

Even when it is connected, the connection is always very slow.  I have an hp laptop of about 6 years ago, and its connection is always much faster.


The tech service finally decided to send a new card for me to replace the old one.

I am not certain that that will be easy or that it will work.


However, various tests at websites show the wireless connection to be fast.

Maybe there was a defective batch of cards.


Reinstalling windows and the various drivers did not solve the problem.



Has anyone replaced the card himself?


I intend to upgrade the memory at the same time. 

What chip should I use?



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