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Issues with HP Stream 11
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Re: Issues with HP Stream 11

You need to create the new conf file. I used a USB WiFi (not a Realtek) adapter to download the driver. I also bought a usb to wired lan converter. Compiling on a different computer may be the issue.
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Re: Issues with HP Stream 11

[ Edited ]

Everything 'works' for the stream11's... win10 or linux...you dont' need to do a lot of complicated stuff to get them going under any of the current debian distros.  windows, is a little more difficult, but still not that hard...  


To swap the antenna in win10, if it doesn't catch it automatically or to verify it... go to device manager->Network Adapters->Broadcom 802.11n Network adapter, right-click it, and select Properties... then select the Advanced tab, then click on "antenna Diversity", and select "AUX"... click OK and your wifi will work at full strength!)


Before you do the win10 upgrade... go to HP's site (with the HPstream) and download all the drivers.  There are a lot of them.  Just download all of them to an external drive/usb stick.  It is neary impossible to get the drivers if you go with a different machine... I don't know why HP's website works this way, but that was my experience. I also tried it after teh win10 upgrade and it'd work from the stream that way too, but not my 8730... was aggrivating as there was somethign weird about the driver that win10 started with that slowed the downloads until the driver was updated.  I had to use the stream to download the drivers at reduced speed... whatever HP put on in win8.1 was very speedy. 


For windows10:

Do the 'clean win10 install' method that is loosely documented all over the 'net... I also used that opprotunity to delete all the partitions.  No sense keeping win8.1 install/recovery around, nor is there any sense in keeping the HP diagnostics (one of the driver-installers that you download from HP will create a USB stick that'll run the HP diagnostics.... so free up that space for win/linux).  Once win10 is installed, if you have wifi, let/make it update (make sure windows update is configured to download updates for everything... there's a checkbox for it).  Once that is completed... let it reboot to finish the updates.  THEN (almost done here...) install every one of the driver files that you downloaded from HP.  after you are done with all that... reboot and check device manager... everything will be working and recognized.  If you want to keep running windows10, I would suggest taking a disk image at this point for a backup.  (after running hard disk cleanup and deleteing any restore points that it has created that is...)  


I've done a blue and a pink stream 11... LOVE THESE THINGS... insane battery life too.


For the Linuxes:

Kubuntu 14.04.3 installer will get everything going 1st shot.  (FYI, .1 and .2 will have trouble with your wifi/bluetooth).  Just boot off a usb stick, nuke all the partitons and let the installer have at.  I would assume the same would be true for any ubuntu-based installation.  I would guess that 16.04 would also be good too.  I would also delete all the existing partitions during the linux installs.... no sense wasting space.  (kubuntu 14.04.3 installed to less than 6GB... and that was with me installing all sorts of things... eclipse, libreoffice, mysql, and the QT+gnome libs too!)





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Re: Issues with HP Stream 11



Thanks for your contribution, particularly the note about Windows use of the auxilliary antenna.


At some point I might explore the Windows 10 update issues again - I am not using the machine in that mode now as it is installed as our navigation computer.


In this role, I am running Lubuntu 15.10. The wireless is working using lwfinger's fix for the rtl8723be driver. Unfortunately the bluetooth is not operating in a stable or useful way most of the time. I suspect that this may be to do with the antenna issue.


In Windows, the bluetooth (the device is a keyboard) does not run at all.

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Re: Issues with HP Stream 11

You're welcome.


I figured that my post would be too late to actually help get you going, but I (selfishly) wanted to make sure that I had this down somewhere google could find it for me later!


I was very suprised that windows update missed so many device drivers on the stream11 and misconfigured the wifi on top of all that too.... I'm going to file a bug report over at Microsoft, and maybe they'll update the settings


I'm sort of suprised that the BT isn't working for you with Lubuntu15, but I recall not having much success with BT before I swapped to the 14.04.3 installer.  They may have re-broken the wifi with 15.... that's not uncommon (and why you can still get the .1/.2/.3 installer versions for Kubuntu 14.04.)  If you are still interested in fixing your BT, you might want to try the liveUSB versions of a few distro versions to check the BT setups and see if you can find one that likes your BT keyboard without a lot of reconfiguration.  (that's just advice, not a solution, in reality, we only need stuff to work well enough so we can go have fun doing other things)


BTW, that antenna settings bodge also fixed a lenovo that I accidentailly let windows upgrade the driver for too...I have a feeling that this issue is the root cause of a lot of RMAs and is the source of a lot of the refurbished stream11 units that are hitting the market lately.

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Re: Issues with HP Stream 11

Thanks David1024


My Stream is the second - I took the first back to PCW because the bluetooth was not working.. one of your refurbished ones perhaps. They are excellent little machines but I must say have caused an awful lot frustration here, due to the state of the software.


Fortunately I don't need the bluetooth keyboard for much of the navigation, but it would be nice to have for other apps while going along.


I have gone to HP's site and once again identified loads of drivers recently updated, including these (8723), but can't actually find out how to download them. The films they provide don't seem to download and run on my iffy mobile link, and there is no way to select and download that I can find. I thought it was supposed to be easy, but evidently not.

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