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Laptop doesn't boot (blank screen)



I have a HP Pavilion dv2600 laptop with Windows Vista. I can't get my laptop to boot. The booting process stops probably at some hardware initialization. The wireless device is not initialized (since the colour of the light is red). The DVD Rom light is ON (and never turns off) and the screen is blank. I am thinking the wireless device initialization failed.I wanted to check if anyone has any ideas before I go for the Online Tech Support. I haven't altered any hardware settings or installed any software recently that could cause this. I hope I find a solution as soon as possible.



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Re: Laptop doesn't boot (blank screen)

This link is possible troubleshooting steps for dv2600 Does not Startup or Boot

While I work on behalf of HP I'm not speaking for HP but trying to provide best effort support.
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Re: Laptop doesn't boot (blank screen)

The same thing happened to me, although I have the dv2000. After a bunch of trips to best buy I finally called HP and they said that it was a faulty motherboard- which they had essentially recalled- and they replaced it for me for free. I am not sure if this is what your problem is, but it sounds incredibly similar if not. I would try calling their tech support, they are extremely helpful.
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Re: Laptop doesn't boot (blank screen)

I have a HP Paviliondv2000 and it will not boot.  It has slowely degraded.  The battery showed a failure so I purchased a new one. It also would get really hot and I would turn it off to let it cool.  Now the boot sequence stops right after it starts and fails to launch.  Before this, it would not do a restart the screen would just stay blank.  I thought I may have a failed power supply internally, plus a failed fan but based on your comment maybe it is a failed motherboard.  I have owned my computer a little over a year.  How long have you owned your computer.
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Re: Laptop doesn't boot (blank screen)

Thanks guys.Man Happy The sad thing is that my warranty expired last month. I have been using it for about an year now. 

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Re: Laptop doesn't boot (blank screen)

I'm pretty sure HP extended their 1 yr warantee to 2 yrs for some models due to a bad motherboard, at least they did for me, I got in with 1 day to spare, they fixed it for free,new motherboard, runs great now.....
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Re: Laptop doesn't boot (blank screen)

I'll keep my fingers crossed. Man Happy Just need clarification about the timings of availability of HP support. Is it 9AM to 9PM?

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Re: Laptop doesn't boot (blank screen)

This is for laptop technicians only.

Remove all powers including the CMOS battery. Short the terminals of each and every electrolitic capacitors including the CMOS battery contacts for a while using a metalic tweezer. Now check wheather the display is OK.

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Re: Laptop doesn't boot (blank screen)


Could you be more specific on what connectors or such should be shorted.

I have a dv2000 (dv2617us-GA536UA) laptop that has a black screen on bootup & trying to resolve this issue. 

Have not tried this procedure yet & would like to give it a shot.

Tried all other tasks performing a hard reset removing the battery & power cord & holding down the poer button foe a short time.

Also removed the cmos battery & removed the memory modules & installed them back in one at a time & restarted the laptop & one module installed caused it to blink off & on while booting up.

All power to all the system is on but the hdd light blinks three times & it gives out two short beeps (very soft beeps) .

I have my own computer home based business in my home & work on more desktops that laptops for these types of troubleshooting procedures.

May try Googling for this procedure & hopefully succeed.

I can also perform a Crisis Recovery by pressing the Windows+B keys on boot & the fan will spinup fast so I know the keyboard is fine.

The keypad light stays lit also.

The wireless light stays amber all the time. (Turned on or off).

Please help me do this procedure.


HP support is of no help to me.

They just want my client's money which by the way he is my friend & my client's laptop.

Hope you can be of assistance.  

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Re: Laptop doesn't boot (blank screen)

[ Edited ]

The dv200's that have the Nvidia Graphics Processor Units overheat, and the connection to the motherboard goes bad. HP will tell you it is a defect that they did offer an extended two year warranty, but for many folks including myself, I'm just out of that two year extended warranty. HP did come out with a bios update that runs the fan at full time  to try to get the GPU to run cooler.

This only extends the time before failure which only extends it just past the warranty period ( I have  heard of rumors of a class action law suit because of this) There is a fix, which is really simple if you are mechanically inclined.

It requiers removal of the motherboard, wrap the board with several sheets of aluminum foil except the GPU. The techinical term is called "reflow" Which is to re-melt the solder for the GPU.

After you wrap the board excpt the GPU, apply some artic silver on the GPU, and place a quarter on top of that with some solder on the quarter. Slowly heat up the board and the quarter with a heat gun until the solder on the quarter melts. Wait about a half hour for it to completely cool down.

Then, Clean up the CPU, GPU and the heat sink from the thermal stuff HP used ( I found some kind of funky foam stuff used on the GPU--no wonder it overheated!) Get an old penny that's 100% copper (New pennies are mostly zinc, poor conductor) Sand down the penny until it's flat and smooth on both sides. Apply thermal paste (artic silver 5) on the CPU, GPU and place the penny on the GPU as a spacer in place of the funky foam stuff. Apply thermal paste to the top side of the penny and install the heatsink.

Test  the board out before you reassemble by connecting he battery and lcd screen, power it up and if it shows the HP logo, your done. reassemble the board back into the case and enjoy, I'm posting this with the dv2000 I did this fix with, Good Luck!


You can find a better description on how to do this if you google it

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