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Nvidia nForce System Management Controller Update?

I'm trying to prepare to update my dv9000 to Windows 7 and the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor said that I needed to update The Nvidia nForce System Management Controller.  I checked the Nvidia website which pushed me back to HP.  This seems to be different than the GeForce Go 6150 driver. 


Any ideas where I can find the updated controller?

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Re: Nvidia nForce System Management Controller Update?

I have the same issue (different machine - p6130y), and have had the same experience trying to update with Nvidia. 
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Re: Nvidia nForce System Management Controller Update?

I just upgraded my dv9700z from Vista 32 to Win7 64.  I got the same error message.  It went away when I downloaded and installed the current 64 bit Vista nForce chipset driver for my computer from the HP website.  I had a similar issue with 2 base system drivers.  That was remedied by installing HPs current 64 bit Vista Ricoh 5 in 1 card reader driver.



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Re: Nvidia nForce System Management Controller Update?

For the p6130y, go to Windows Update and install the optional driver

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Re: Nvidia nForce System Management Controller Update?

I have installed all optional updates and still get the same message from Update Advisor. Nvidia says I have the latest driver.
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Re: Nvidia nForce System Management Controller Update?

I had the same issue show up when I did a pre-install scan. After installing 7 ultimate only two issue's showed up. I resolved one by installing the NVIDIA nForce Chipset Driver sp36079. After installing that, one of the issues went away. I re-ran the 7 upgrade advisor and it is gone. Also, System Management Controller returned to my device listing under computer management.



I have a DV9310US, and this update seemed to work for me.


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DV9310us sporting Windows 7 Ultimate
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Re: Nvidia nForce System Management Controller Update?

I have the same problem too, I have the HP dv9000 and can't update my Nvidia nForce System Management Controller to get windows7.

I did manage to install the windows7 any way,and it work well.But the problem is that all my USB driver don't reconize any usb driver of my attachment like

my mouse..... only stuff who don't need driver work in the usb slots.

Then I when back to Vista :-(



NVIDIA nForce System Management Controller
Not compatible for Window7


Anyboby know where we can find that new drivers for the NVIDIA Nforce System Management controller ?

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Re: Invalid nForce System Management Controller Update?

I have a dv9000 that is a little over a year old and am saddened that HP has chosen to exclude current technology from Windows 7.  Well, Nvidia and HP together that is.


HP has lost me as a customer forever.  I have been in IT for 30 years and its time to make the jump to a MAC as this is the second laptop in five years that has had the same type of issue. Lost support.  Anything to make customers buy more from them so that they can keep their stock up.


Good luck!


Oh.I'm sure HP will delete this message as four of my friends who got the same model laptops on my recommendation complained on here and the messages were deleted. Basically, the door was slammed in all of our faces by HP.  Oh, and two of my friends no longer speak to me as they spent money they didn't have to buy these laptops for classes and said I steered them wrong.  HP has let me down big time.



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Re: Invalid nForce System Management Controller Update?

[ Edited ]

I think owners of these HP machines would be pleasantly surprised at how many drivers are actually included natively in Windows 7.

I have an 18 month old DV2810 which I have installed Win 7 on with no problems. First I did an upgrade which went very smoothly_all hardware working.Ran Windows Update and it did update some drivers.


Next I tried a clean install formatting the hdd. I was very surprised at those results also.Soon into the install, my wireless was even activated with native drivers. A quick run of Windows Update,choosing also the optional updates, installed Nvidia graphics, Audio and modem, and updated the wireless driver. Only drivers missing at this point was SM Bus and Bluetooth. I used my  Vista drivers for Nvidia Chipset and Bluetooth.


Any you might find yourself  missing can be found in the DV6000/DV9000 Guide HERE



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Re: Invalid nForce System Management Controller Update?

If you want to compare HP's tech support with Apple's, I have a great comparison for you.  I own an HP dv9700 laptop with one of the known defective Nvidia graphics processors.  Ones for which HP received substantial financial compensation from Nvidia.  The response from HP's tech support is to tell me that my computer is out of its standard warranty, so my only option is to pay $400 to replace the motherboard...but it will be one of the same design with the same heat and quality issues, and it will only have a 90 day warranty.


For comparison, I replaced that computer with a Macbook refurb from Apple.  I replaced its standard 1 gig of memory with 2, 2 gig chips.  While I was out of town the computer wouldn't boot and was giving a memory error.  I didn't have a small screwdriver of the type needed to access the memory (to remove each chip separately to see which had failed).  So I took it to an Apple store hoping that they would help me identify the bad chip so I could return it to Crucial for replacement and use only one 2 gig memory stick until the replacement arrived.  Instead, once the Apple tech verified that the problem was a bad memory stick, he just replaced both of my Crucial memory sticks with new Apple/Hynix sticks at no charge to me.  Not an error.  I made it clear to him that the memory was 3rd party that I had installed...and he could clearly see the Crucial label.  Just great customer service.


I'm not saying that everyone will be treated this well by an Apple tech.  Apple has its own issues.  But no company has provided the combination of a poor quality product and consistently poor customer service that I have experienced with HP/Compaq.


By the way, the Macbook refurb cost $699 plus $50 for the memory.  My dv9700 was over $1000 for a larger screen, slower processor computer.  So it is hard to invoke the standard claim that I've paid an Apple tax for the great customer service.

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