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Recovery Error Code 1002
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Re: Recovery Error Code 1002

I am having problems with my HP computer.


My computer is an HP Pavilion with model DV6203TX.


I recently tried to resolve my Windows Vista Service Pack 2 problem. All Windows Vista Updates installed without a problem, apart from the SP2 update which kept failing to install every time I updated/downloaded, for 6 months.


I contacted HP and MS about the problem and they suggested that I should do a System Restore with Recovery Manager. My problems began after I clicked “yes” to the restore.


"Error Code 1002 – Contact HP to resolve issue" popped up when recovery was performed by the HP_Recovery hard drive partition. I also used my Recovery Disks which were burned by the Recovery Manager and the same problem comes up at the same point during recovery.


Looking through the HP Total Care forums I have found this thread where other customers have also experienced the same problem.


From reading your posts I can see that if the DMI on the motherboard does not match that on the hard drive, it can cause a conflict which prevents OEM recovery disks from being installed. I want to get my computer checked, unfortunately my computer is out of warranty and I am not sure what to do.



I tested everything when I bought this notebook and I even burned the recovery disk, however I never imagined that a problem this complicated is still lingering in my computer. If I did not even bother about the Windows Service Pack 2, I believe this whole thing would not have even occured. However, since this has happened I now know that something is wrong in my computer and it would be a great relief to me if I can get it solved.



I have seen that there are free DMI and CPU Utilities which can help me get BIOS information about my computer, would this be helpful to me at all?


Could I someone advise me as to what I should do now? 

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Re: Recovery Error Code 1002

Additional Information:


Prior to the first use of the Recovery Manager my Hard Disk was fine.


After using the recovery manager and receiving the Error Code 1002, I phoned HP and they told me to do a Diagnostics test on my Primary Hard Drive.


The initial test gave a #1 - 07 Fail.


[Separate note:


Drive Self Test (DST) Error Codes

00 No Error
01 DST was Aborted by User
02 DST was Interrupted by Reset or Power Off
03 DST Could Not be Run
04 DST Failed for Reasons Unknown
05 DST Failed Electrical Element (Read/Write Head Check)
06 DST Failed Servo Element (Track Following Check)
07 DST Failed Read Element (A Bad Sector was Found) ]


I was told by HP Support that the problem was therefore the Hard Drive and that I should buy a new Hard Drive, replace the "faulty" one and then use the recovery disks.


[On a separate note: Speaking to another person at HP Support, they have said that sometimes there maybe faults on the Hard Drive and the HP_Recovery partition could be affected. Bear in mind that this is prior to the burning of the recovery disk(s). It could mean that when the recovery disks that are burned at a later date, the disk(s) could come out with faults as well, rendering any recovery impossible/useless.]


I got a new Hard Disk from the recommended HP Pavilion Specialists. I was then diverted to Westcoast Suppliers to order for a new Hard Disk.


Upon receiving the New Hard Disk, I have installed it and the same problem has occured. I have contacted HP Support again but they have not come up with a solution.


Checking through HP Business Support Forums, I have found that there are customers/users who have also experienced the same problem, even with the new hard disk.


A person called "ppostma1" believes that "the #1-07 error is the result of SMART failing in the SATA controller" adding "that is a mainboard issue, the hard drive may be just fine."


This is making me think that this really could be a problem with the motherboard... not sure else I can do at the moment.


I'm still looking for any advice from anyone... could someone please help?

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Re: Recovery Error Code 1002

Unfortunately Densebrains, the situation you're in with your laptop and without a warranty is a true nightmare - one I thought about at the time when mine was getting fixing. But let's get the negativity out of the way....


I bought my compaq CQ50 laptop in july '08, and like yourself checking and tested everything. I never thought to format a new pc out of the box...I never imagined formatting would be a problem with a valid windows cd-key and a recovery disc but I was wrong. By chance I thought about giving the laptop to a family member which led me to format 5 months after purchasing.... to discover Error 1002.... I had no Operationg system loaded on the comp. after the format and no chance of recovery because the formatting process completes without a hitch but the subsequent installation process fails. So I was left with a laptop thats boots to bios and that's it. 


I contacted HP/Compaq for the warranty and they told me to send it in.... the laptop went back and forth 3 different times, I was without a laptop for about a month and a half. They paid UPS to send it back and forth--surely killing the profit made on this machine-- each time returning it to me after re-installing windows and replacing unnecessary parts like heat sinks, harddrives, screens, - one time they removed the HDMI port and sent it to me with an empty hole on the side of my laptop--  just plain negligence on their part.    I contacted HP again and told them the whole story requesting a refund and replacement of a laptop with equivalent features but they refused and said just send it back to tech. support. 

It was then that I found this forum and learned about the DMI issues. The diagnostic tool the company --who repairs computers for HP-- is using does not pick up DMI errors.  That is why you will be wasting your money buying new hardware like harddrives, heat sinks etc in hopes of  resolving this issue regardless of what HP says.


My problem was resolved when I sent the laptop in the final time with a long letter attached on screen of the laptop telling the tech. team that the issue is caused by the DMI error. HP will not surrender that info. to consumers so they have to do it for you. After pointing them to right direction I guess they actually fixed it, the laptop came back and the formatting went off without a hitch.


As a consumer out of warranty, I would be livid to go through the time and more importantly the expense of such negligence. But as a problem that only HP can fix - keeping in mind that it should never have been an issue if product testing including formatting, ou should have a case.   It was not your misuse, wear-and-tear, or any external issues that caused this- it is simply an error already present out-of-the-box and for that reason HP should cover it.

I just don't want them to profit off of this by suggesting you purchase all this useless hardware, or even software because of their initial mistake.  With that said, after that DMI issue I have had no problems with this laptop- hardware or software.


I hope this helps!



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Re: Recovery Error Code 1002


I have the same problem it seems with an HP G60-235DX ordered a little over a year ago (out of warranty).  My computer will only boot to BIOS or recovery partition, but recovery fails as soon as it tries to write to the hard drive. The BIOS runs the Primary Hard Disk Self Test (no failures) and the memory test completes with no failures, either.


I've tried recovery discs but they fail also. Any suggestion on what I can do? Is there a way to know if I have this DMI issue or have HP fix it for me?


If you have a copy of the letter you sent in with your computer, I'd appreciate a copy.



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Re: Recovery Error Code 1002



just hit the 1002 recovery error


after using f11 on laptop to rest back to factory defaults on laptop


HP advise that this is due to the recovery partition expires after three months




it just had spare time to start the format , wipe out the boot sector and leave me with a dead laptop


just all part of the HP total care package


you have been warned   

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Re: Recovery Error Code 1002

Hi there,


Just come across this Error 1002 myself.  Working on a client's machine the hard drive failed so bad that the Western Digital Diagnostics reported too many errors to complete.  I put in a new Western Digital Hard drive of the same model.  put in the recovery disk and got this error message.


Will anyone in HP release the DMI utility so that repairers like myself will be able to fix their laptops?  I guess it's their call but if the already ordered recovery media will not fix the problem then I guess I shall have to piss off my client more by telling them that a costly repair at a HP repair centre is their only option.


HP's call, but think on this:

Customers ask me what type of laptop they should be buying.




Neil Harland

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Re: Recovery Error Code 1002


Your question was  "Will anyone in HP release the DMI utility so that repairers like myself will be able to fix their laptops?"


and the answer is No. I contacted HP/Compaq and they would not, and still believe they will not release the DMI  Utility.  


I was only saved the high cost of the fix because I just happened to format it within my first year by chance.  The worst part of the problem was that my laptop was out of commission for 2 months because the tech repair company HP contracts out the laptop/pc repair service had no idea was going on.  I had to attach a letter and tell them exactly what was wrong, pointing out to the DMI issue. 


I would only advise any HP consumer affected by this issue to point out to HP that this is a Manufacturer's defect, and the comps were shipped with this defect. 


I'm not sure if this problem has occurred with any windows 7 laptops,  mine was a Vista.... So like Vista, i'm sure any Vista-based products are being swept under the rug too.  At least I felt that way  with the way they treated me. 



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Re: Recovery Error Code 1002

For the one of you with a SMART error:  I found a similar error, but on one of my desktops instead of my laptop.  HP replaced the hard drive, but without copying enough from the old hard drive to the new one that I've been able to use the backups program since.  THEN I found out that the SMART probably from the Norton Internet Security program keeping the hard drive too busy for the SMART test to work properly.  I haven't been able to recover the Windows Mail database from before that problem -  the backups program keeps insisting that the previous backup was from a different computer because the list of previous backups wasn't copied from the old hard drive to the new one, and I haven't been able to find out enough about just where that list is stored to be able to check if I can recover it from the last successful backup (sometime last March).

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Re: Recovery Error Code 1002

well i have been having the error 1002 and 1005 depending what i was using to recover ... but i got it fixed now

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Re: Recovery Error Code 1002

Hey people, i need help solving the same but it finishes the preparation. after that the % bar doesnt move, and then it comes up with this ERROR 1002 PLEASE CONTACT HP SUPPORTSmiley Mad

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