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plugged in, not charging

I have searched the web on this issue, and it seems alot of people are having this problem with a lot of different laptops. The only common factor is Vista. I know this is the Hardware section, but I need all the advice I can get!.  I've already tried removing, re-inserting the battery, and uninstalling the driver, putting it back, in every possible order, to no avail. does anyone know what to do?? I'm at 0% and as soon as I plug it out, it shuts down. I very confident that I do not need a battery judging by the amoount of people with this problem. My laptop is a HP Pavilion 9000 with Vista home premium, just over a year old. Thanks.
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Re: plugged in, not charging

The battery could have failed and need replacing, it could also be something with the connectors.
I believe there's a way to run a battery health check in the HP Advisor, perhaps try that and see what it tells you.

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Re: plugged in, not charging

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if a battery check shows replace you have a bad battery

if good or any other result run a BIOS UPDATE

-if still no good check this out and check if the symtoms is the same.



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Re: plugged in, not charging

HP released a BIOS update for some of the dv9000 series that fixed a battery problem.Use the button at top of this page"Support & Drivers" to find your updates page.You need the full model from Service Tag,not DV9000:


Check for complete model number as shown in section 1 below,and use it.Or P/N in section 2 .


Btw,it is not entirely uncommon for batteries to die after 1 yr,depends on use.

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Re: plugged in, not charging HP Pavilion 9000

There was a recent (within the last 60-90 days) for a multitude of batteries made by Sony for HP that caused fires and other problems and so the whole batch of several battery types were recalled.....Google HP for that list(or just check t HP' support page search) and check your model # and serial # AND battery number on the battery itself, against the listings for batteries that HP will replace for you. 

My dubious was and it's battery, were not on that recall list and I have had NO power problems, YET ? You problem could also be a bum transformer or plug from wall to transformer...have you unplugged it and then checked it in several different outlets in your home? I don't know how to check that part , but it CAN be replaced. If you have been HEAVY user of your dv9000, you might also consider that in the first month or two, the battery did not get a FULL deep discharge, series of full recharges and so, over the past 11 months has gradually held, less, and less of a charge. DO RUN the HP battery check utility. Also if you CAN boot up with just the power adapter, go to the

power personalization energy settings section in control panel and check all the default choices. I hope these suggestions helps you solve yet another HP product quality issue.

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Re: plugged in, not charging

I have had this problem with a new machine (Presario CQ60) and a battery that i can get over two hours out of. I spent over half an hour with HP support to be told by the senior tech he had never seen this problem (!! check the web buddy) - after checking latest BIOS driver; battery diagnosis; plan settings - he came back with the more elaborate version of 'reboot your machine' with 'next we need to reinstall Vista (Home Premium)'. I was not confident that the hours that it would take was likely to change the outcome - Vista being no different from last time i looked! Have you made any progress?
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Re: plugged in, not charging

If the head tech does not know, then in the other thread where the HP team said they "escalated" the issue, then this is not true, it is a "write-off" making the user think everything is going fine.


Also for the link, it leaves out a lot of notebooks.

ALL the DV series have this problem, as do most Compaqs.

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Re: plugged in, not charging

The most likely, cheapest, and fastest way to solve this problem is to leave your charge cord plugged into your machine, turn your machine off, take out he battery, restart, then reinstall the battery. Guess what it works nearly everytime. I don't care if your battery analyzer says your battery is bad or not. Remember, HP would LOVE to sell you a new battery. It is unlikely that a BIOS update will help if you have the latest installed - slightly possible though, so try that after you do the battery out reboot routine I've outline here. Simple? Too Simple? Yup, but it really works. Good luck.
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Re: plugged in, not charging

Actually its more than likely a motherboard issue. My laptop does the same thing and no BIOS update or battery remove/insert trick will fix it. I even brought 2 different batteries and nothing changed. I think its almost safe to say whenever something goes wrong with a DV series notebook, its the motherboard.
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Re: plugged in, not charging

- as someone else mentioned on this forum, i have found the solution (for me, at least!)...
for the past week my HP Pavilion dv6 has been stuck on "plugged in, not charging"... i tried restarting and plugging in to different outlets in my house and cleaning out my computer. i ran a battery test and lo and behold, it said my battery is bad and to replace ASAP! great... because i have 40 bucks for a battery right before the holidays?  i haven't even had this laptop a year yet! someone else suggested to do the following:
keep laptop plugged in and charging, shut down, take out battery, replace battery, turn on.
VOILA! as soon as i did... "plugged in, charging" and ive gone from 7% to 15% in just ten minutes!
hopefully this works for everyone else as well, if not, you honestly probably do need a new battery! good luck!

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