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HP Solution Center cannot detect printer

i just installed an HP 6380 printer and everything went very smoothly during the software installation, or so I thought. One I opened HP Solution Center it said no printer was found, yet the printer shows up on my network, I can print to it and check its properties by walking into it's IP address. How can I get Solution Center to detect it so I can use scanning etc.? My computer is running Vista Home Premium and I'm using a Wireless Network with a D-Link DIR-655 router.

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Re: HP Solution Center cannot detect printer

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Please follow THIS document to possibly resovle the issue.

EDIT: Even though the document states it's for XP, most of the steps apply for VIsta also.

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Re: HP Solution Center cannot detect printer

Maybe this'll help you..........just solved it today..........


To HP: I've been pestering your tech folks both on chat and on voice.....nobody seems to be able to find the solution to HP Solutions Center not detecting the device (officejet 6500 all in one) on 64 bit Win 7 when it did work on Vista.....the printer is installed and it prints and scans but I cannot use the OCR or any of the HP Solutions Center features because it does not detect the device.....I've been on every forum this side of China and tried every solution that exists.....regediting, uninstalling HP Sol Ctr and reinstalling it, stopping my anti-virus stuff, stopping my firewall, standing on my head....disconnecting the USB cord and making it a network printer with an ethernet name it I did hurts when I'm in the business and cannot seem to solve this ....THEN....repeat day, I cannot get my internet....I call support to refresh my modem and she asks nicely, "do you have a wireless router"....."uh-huh"....disconnect the power cord and count to ten and then reconnect it....okay.... but while I'm doing this, all of a sudden, I begin getting installation and config windows from HP.....I didn't do anything to initiate this....ah-hah I says, is this where the install was hung up for HP Sol Ctr? My internet comes back and I try HP Solutions Center and no more rejects about can't detect device....I now have HP Solutions Center and all is right with the world.......spread the word, we have another solution amongst the thousands for this madness!!!......

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Re: HP Solution Center cannot detect printer

Wish that worked for me but it didn't.

I hope someone can come up with a solution.

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Re: HP Solution Center cannot detect printer

3-1/2 days of uninstalling, reinstalling, regedit-ing, over and over and over, and HP Solution Center still cannot see any HP device connected!!!!!  Of course, Windows can see it. 


Desktop Dell xp430, Vista-64, ethernet to Belkin router, OJ Pro L 7580 ethernet to router. 

Laptop Dell 1535, , Vista-64, wireless to router and printer.


Until recently the laptop used its Solution Center flawlessly.  Now when I open Solution Center and select an operation, it says "No HP device connected" - still after work as described above.  The Desktop Solution Center works.


A program on my laptop has scanning flawlessly.


How I uninstall, delete, etc:  I used HP Uninstall at first, but it did not solve the problem.  So, I used Windows Control Panel, Program and Features to uninstall all of the HP programs listed. 


In regedit:  I deleted the HP folder, and painstakingly line by line, individually deleted anything and everything that began with "hp".  This took quite a while.


I disconnected the router.  I unplugged the router from power, waited, returned power to it - no change.


I downloaded the OJpro7x00 FULL from the Hp site.  This installation was not the answer.  I repeated my regedit and used an earlier cd from HP for Vista.  Still, I get the same "NO HP device detected.  Yet, I can scan from the laptop from my program "Finale" WITH NO PROBLEM!  This is a summary of many passes of uninstall/clean register/install.


I am at my wits end.


Help, please.




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Re: HP Solution Center cannot detect printer

Every day I have to un-install then re-install this HP printer!! I am so SICK of this I have tried everything and same result!! I have to print stuff everyday for work at home if i don't print I can't get paid so I am at fault for buying an HP I shoulda stayed with Brother the last printer never gave me 1 single problem but I tried to save a few bucks and in the end I got what I paid for !! I am at the end of my rope I am ready to throw this piece of crap out the window!! it is an HP c4780 it is either no drivers or something aobut running scripts idk but cmon i have to spend 2 hours everyday to uninstall then re install and that doesn't always work it's not working today and i have don'e it twice! I am beggin for answers I have downloaded every single thing off HP nothing has "stuck" what am I doing wrong or is this thing just a piece of crap and should i just go buy a new printer today??? HELP!!!

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Re: HP Solution Center cannot detect printer

I feel your pain, it took me two long days to figure this out. I have Windows 7 64 bit and I wanted to use the wireless option but it wouldn't installed the Solution Center, I was able to get techincal support but couldn't figure this out. So here goes,


Uninstall every bit of HP related software, not even a third party software (Uninstaller / Clean Sweep help) will help. It seems you need to find everything bit of software and start from scratch. So here goes:


Deleting your temp internet files / to deleting HP printer that you added / turn off wireless from your printer / uninstall Adobe Flash player / delete %temp% files / delete the folders releated to HP after you have uninstalled HP software.

Now you ready to begin.

Re-download Flash player from Adobe it is free.

Re-download the full version of Solution Center 'PS_AIO_05_C309a_Net_Full_Win_enu_140_047'. It didn't take me that long.


Here comes the tricky part because you will need to follow the steps again if you don't do it right and after rebooting your PC.

Once you ready to run the extract program, make sure you wait until you are prompted to install the HP printer. MAKE sure you select a USB connection. It will never find the printer, so don't waste your time selecting anything else. Make sure you wait to plug in the USB cable to the computer. Yes even if you know the IP address of the printer it will not find it. It will then start to load the program or get you past that annoying first step. It will seems like the program was about to load when you encounter missing packages, well there located in %temp% directory of your computer. Move the folder that is named 7s to the HP program files. You can then point them more easily that way when prompt. You can install Assistant Package as well Software Solution Center. The only problem is the missing Photo package that will not install until you download a free upgrade.


Yes it is a pain and I am sorry if I didn't make too much sense but it worked for me. Trust me I will follow my own instruction again once I turn off my router or turn the printer off.


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Re: HP Solution Center cannot detect printer

Select "Devices" and the installed printers on your computer will be listed.  Select the HP printer from the list and HP Solution Center will now recognize it.

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Re: HP Solution Center cannot detect printer

Follow these easy steps:

  1.  Make sure the printer is on;

  2.  Check your USB connection.  If it's a network printer, check network status;

  3.  Make sure the printer appears in your printer folder;

  4.  Make sure HP Digital Imaging Monitor (DIM) is running;

  5.  If you still have a problem, reinstall all HP software;

  6.  Reboot your computer;

  7.  Reinstall your operating system;

  8.  Reinstall all HP software.  This repeat of step 5 is necessary, because of the OS reinstallation;

  9.  Post your results to the HP Support Forum;

10.  Go back to step one and repeat these steps until the problem is solved or HP supplies an update.



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Re: HP Solution Center cannot detect printer

Where do you select 'Devices' from?

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