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HP 9470m
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I ve got a problem with Bluetooth stable drivers I cannot find these days on HP.com official (this one). Though, previously I downloaded (few year ago) a BT driver version 18.1.1525.1445 and it works well and stable. Currently I cannot find this driver and I ve found only ver. 2.6 from Sep 28, 2012 as a driver for Windows 8 64bit. I can compare drivers stability, cuz I have two HP 9470m (on one W10 64bit was installed years ago and BT 18.1.1525.1445 have been working perfectly, the other one I had to reinstall W10 64bit and experience problems with BT drivers cuz cannot find that 18.1.1525.1445). Though, how come support service for premium laptop series deteriorated that much? Pls, assist me with my issue.


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Intel has discontinued support for the Intel 6235 wifi adapter and HP for some odd reason, has removed all Bluetooth drivers from the support pages for many notebooks, not just that one.


See if the driver that I zipped up and attached below works for you.


You will have to manually install the driver as follows...


Download and unzip the file to its folder.  Do not do anything with the files in the folder.


Go to the device manager.  Click to expand the Bluetooth device manager category.


Click on the Intel Bluetooth or Generic Bluetooth device appearing there.


Windows names the Bluetooth as a Generic Bluetooth device if no driver is installed.


Click on the driver tab.  Click on Update driver.


Select the Browse my computer for drivers option and browse to the driver folder you unzipped.


Make sure the Include subfolders box is checked and the driver should install.


Then restart the PC and hopefully you will be able to use the BT in W10.


Here is a partial copy and paste of the driver setup information file, which shows the driver version and date...


;Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Intel Corporation All rights Reserved
;Module Name:
; ibtfltcoex.inx
; INF file for installing Intel(R) coexistance filter driver
; This file is dependant on bth.inf

Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"

DefaultDestDir = 12


ibtfltcoex.sys = 1,,

; Install Section


%ibtfltcoex.DeviceDesc%=ibtfltcoex_Device, USB\VID_8087&PID_07DA



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Thank you a lot for your response. I am surprised no response from official HP representative on... HP Support forum. Unbelievable! The thing is, the driver was not stand alone, but was in an EXE-pack, which after installation gives an icon at the task bar close to the time. At the moment I have a situation when this icon disappears and I cannot find Bluetooth even using Start button, whilst on my 2nd 9470m with Windows installed in 2015 with the proper Bluetooth driver within EXE pack works stable.


#hpproblems #hpelitebook #hppremium #hpbusiness #hpcorporatesupport #hpsupportissues 

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You're very welcome.


Unfortunately, I cannot find an exe version of the driver anywhere, and HP has removed the file from their FTP site.


This is a peer to peer forum.


You won't get a response here from HP regarding driver support for outdated wifi adapters.


If you want to discuss the matter further with HP, I recommend that you contact the HP executive team at the link below.


Executive Team: CEO email | HP® Official Site


You may want to post your question on the Intel wireless forum.


Wireless - Intel Community


Maybe someone there has an answer. 


I do know that there are no W10 wifi or bluetooth drivers on the Intel support site for the Intel 6235.




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It is strange such kind of miserable and disgracing support by HP for users of their premium corporate laptops with prices higher than Apple laptops. No matter what Intel has done, disappearing of proper drivers is kind a weird behavior from HP. I still demand to be provided proper HP stable drive pack that gives a convenient use of BT on my laptop $2k cost. Deleting proper drivers packs is disgraceful action towards HP clients.


@Paul_Tikkanen  Thank you for provided links. Will use it also.


#hpproblems #hpelitebook #hppremium #hpbusiness #hpcorporatesupport #hpsupportissues #hpnotgreen #hpwaste

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Glad to have been of assistance.

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