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zBook Studio G7
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

My brand new zBook Studio is running its fan at full throttle. All core temperatures are abnormally high ( > 75 degrees C). CPU Package temperature is at 95!

What could be the reason? Room temperature is around 21 C!

The Zbook is just 3 days old!!! 

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please update the BIOS and drivers with HP Image Assistant. Also, note that when first installed, lots of things are updated in the background causing the CPU to spike utilization. that is part of what you are seeing. In any case, FANs are managed by the BIOS and is based on CPU and graphics temps. See what's running on your laptop

I work for HP. However, all opinions and comments are my own.
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Hi Mate,

Thanks for your inputs. Couple of things:

1. First thing that I do with any new hardware is to update BIOS and all drivers with the latest. Then update all OS updates.

2. I have Outlook - Microsoft 365 and Chrome running.

3. HP Deep Instinct Agent is on 'Very High' Power Usage. out of the total 16-17% CPU Usage, 90% is Deep Instinct Agent!

4. Mouse freeze/lag is frequent

Maybe I will just disable/uninstall Deep Instinct Agent and see how the system behaves.


Thanks again for your inputs..

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One tool you can use to check on the system performance is the HP Performance Advisor... Great tool, and includes a real-time memory utilization component as well as a performance logger that can show what is running on any Z system over time that you determine... give it a try


btw, it can show graphics utilization including how much GPU memory your apps are using

I work for HP. However, all opinions and comments are my own.
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Hi Mate,

Thanks for your inputs. I tried the HP Performance Advisor and it couldn't find anything wrong with the zBook configuration.

GPU Utilization (Quadro RTX 3000)

Memory Usage at 14%

Memory Activity at 2%

GPU Activity at 2%

Codec Activity at 0%

GPU Temperature 63 Degrees(C), Max Recorded 64 Degrees (C)


System Sensors:

CPU Fan 3781 RPM

GPU Fan 3511 RPM

CPU Temperature 97 Degrees C

Discrete Graphics Temperature 62 Degrees C

Remote Temperature 61 Degrees C

Local Temperature 66 Degrees C

Battery Temperature 29 Degrees C


And, my room temperature is 19 degrees C!!!

The frustrating part is that the Fan running at full throttle (at 3781 RPM) makes a very high pitch noise which is audible from the next room!


Couple of days back when I received the notification for the 'Available' BIOS upgrade, I thought this could be the fix and upgraded to 01.02.01 and then followed it up with 01.03.01 ( as this arrived in a day or two) but still no luck!

Also forgot to mention that my wireless mouse lags badly. This was one of the reason for the upgrade to G7 from my perfectly working G3!!! The Mouse lag was never there until this July!

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And for no apparent reason the fan will stop making the high pitched sound though I can feel that it is running and the Sensors are:

CPU Fan 2825 RPM

GPU Fan 2508 RPM

CPU Temperature 59 Degrees C

Discrete Graphics Temperature 56 Degrees C

Remote Temperature 56 Degrees C

Local Temperature 57 Degrees C

Battery Temperature 30 Degrees C

The System load (Apps running) are the same as it was earlier!

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I have a Zbook Power and it's exactly the same with mine, the fans run stupidly loud and far too frequently.
 I look at the processes and most of the time it's Deep Instinct Agent or some other security "feature", but seriously at only 20% PCU uses it sounds like it's going to take off like an airplane just crazy.


I dual boot the same unit to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and it's nowhere near as bad as in Win 10 Pro.

I'd really like to find a way to delete or minimize Deep Instinct Agent, I'll worry about my own security thank you.

And if there's a way to calm down the fans that would be very good, they are way too LOUD far too OFTEN.

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I did the BIOS firmware update and this solved the crazy fan issue, they run normally now.

In addition, the whole unit seems to run better. I ran the Win 10 Pro update for drivers only after the BIOS update and it did update the NVidia driver which also seem to work better now.


If you haven't done the BIOS update do so, it transforms the unit into what it should have been when it left the factory.

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Hi Plastics_Guy,

Upgraded to the latest BIOS ( HP S91 Ver. 01.04.01, 5/01/2021). Not much difference in Fan noise yet ( only 30 minutes of usage with latest BIOS). I will monitor for a few days and then update.

Right now the weather says 18 Degrees C here and the fans are spinning near full (and loud). I'm wondering what will happen when the world returns to normal as I will start travelling to the warmer (36 degrees+) geographies often! 




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I still have the same issue with Deep Instinct running consuming a LOT of CPU usage ~13-17% and for quite a long time. 

I very MUCH want to uninstall/disable Deep Instinct. I don't need the HP nanny to watch out for me and I really dislike the resource consumption of Deep Instinct. In fact it's 90% of the reason I boot into Ubuntu 20.04 LTS now and use that as my primary boot OS. In general I really dislike Win 10 Pro 2004, I really wish the unit had shipped with 1909, it's much friendlier.

The only info I've found so far relates to uninstalling HP Sure Sense which is supposed to take Deep Instinct with it. I rather suspect you have to make some changes in the BIOS. HP thinks this Deep Instinct is a good thing, but users should have the option to configure their OWN laptops as they see fit and assume responsibility for their own actions. 

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