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HP Elitebook G7 830 (version 2020) product number 24Z90EA
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Facts as of Dec. 7, 2021.

My daughter purchased this laptop as a gift for me on March 25, 2021, at the online store, during Corona, from Coolblue in the Netherlands. It was delivered at the home of her grandma in the Netherlands and as is, brought to me at our home in Belgium.

Not before yesterday, I found out that the Technical support of HP was less than a year because the overview told me it was expired (????) and that the factory guarantee is until March 2024. 


Nothing special happened, everything worked just fine. Until November 26, 2021. I've had planned a session with a few clients for some sessions around the world. When I tried to connect in their private channels, I could see them. They couldn't see me. That was a disaster. Since then, now almost 10 days later, nothing changed. I worked with HP support from India, because they are reachable with WhatsApp and because of that it's not going to launch your phone bill as a rocket in the wrong way. I also worked with several support ambassadors from Microsoft, because this is a real disaster. Not only for my 1-2-1 clients but also for the masterclasses and live webinars coming up, working with Teams with a larger group. we tried to do everything possible. All updates (over and over again), using a recovery point, checking the cameras (one is for teams is the HD HP camera and the other is the HP IR camera. Both are disabled, uninstalled, and again enabled after the restart, etc. Checks are always saying the camera devices are working great, no issues are found, etc.


Yesterday, the HP support assistant in India, told me through WhatsApp, after working step-by-step, all screenshots, zo like we were working next to each other, that he thought it would be a hardware problem. The only check of the camera that wasn't successful, was the color scheme. Red pixels were a definite yes. Green pixes was a definite yes too. Blue pixels was a nogo because it looked like purple/amethyst instead of blue.


And that, after purchasing a new one in March 2021 after 8 months (not even a pregnancy time) the camera is not working. HP support in Belgium is a real disaster. The Netherlands is not much better too. India is willing to help, but the distance is a little far away to get technical stuff physically checked. The USA is also always willing to help, but same problem as India.


This morning I disabled Norton but after a restart, nothing improved. It's still a background (or full black one).

Result: Nope.


So I surfed another few hours and finally saw that there is a community that I could sign up for. As I did. 

And now, I hope there is a wizard in this community who is so kind and willing to help me out.


Fact is also that I saw that

- when I run CMD as an admin it says "/windows32" though I have an x64

- camera colors fail

- IR camera is not seen when I look at the settings of Teams

- I have no camera with none of the apps

- when the sun is shining on my computer I can see lines like "/////" in the circle of the camera


I need that camera working and I still hope I can solve it. Otherwise, I only can hope that HP is going to be reachable for the first time in Brussels..... and will have a huge problem with my next sessions this week....


Can anyone please help me out here? Thanks!

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Thank you for posting on the HP Support Community.

Don't worry as I'll be glad to help, in order to bring your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. I am sending you a private message. Please check the mailbox icon in the top-right corner of this screen.


Hope this helps! Keep me posted for further assistance.
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