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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Same question asked here and ignored: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Business-Notebooks/Driver-Downloads-Throttled/m-p/7168518/thread-id/15...


Whenever downloading drivers from the HP support website, the speed is very slow (approx 0.5 to 1 mbps) on the corporate network, however, downloading the same from my home network results in very fast downloads.


We regularly need to download the latest drivers and firmware for approx 12 different model HP desktops and laptops, and this is painfully slow.


This appears to be HP throttling the download speed for selected public IPs. How can I get HP to whitelist my corporate IP address so I am not throttled so badly?


And no, this is not caused by the corporate network, proxy, firewall, ISP.

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If there is a white list - you cannot get to it from the Community.




The Community is not HP, Inc. nor do we have any insight or influence on what HP does with its server farms, its network, its support for Enterprise environments.


We simply do not have any way to engage HP in a corporate / enterprise conversation about data service.


I can confirm that things have been slower in the Community for some time now - some connections for copying larger data are more noticeably slower simply because the larger data is slower to begin with (not instant). 


Although things have settled a bit, there has been a massive spike in all activity for which we (the community) have any visibility (things we can see).  HP, like other large companies, is very busy - the server farms are busy, the networks are busy, the customer response centers are busy, the entire operation has been running beyond normal boundaries for a while.


If you feel that your Enterprise work environment needs attention, have your IT contact your HP contract representative and have the conversation with HP.


If your company does not have a corporate contract (ask your IT department first since it is possible the company does so) - then pick a covered system / workstation that has been impacted and submit a call to HP Support under that system's serial number.  Start the conversation about the one system and explain to the support representative that you are concerned your data is being slowed.



HP Technical Support – Contact Information


Submit information / case online

Sign in or continue as a guest


Reminder:  HP Phone numbers you find on the Internet have likely been hijacked.


Many roads lead to HP Support.


Settings > System > About > (Support) Online support > Contact an HP Agent




Open website  HP World-Wide Support

 Select your region and follow the prompts




Regional Links


USA / Canada

   HP® Customer Support - USA


   HP® Customer Support - UK




Option - HP Support is on Facebook!

HP on Facebook



READ – Be Informed – Be Aware


HP Fraud Alert: Protecting Yourself from Scams | HP® Official Site

HP Fraud Alert: Protect Yourself from Scams, Report Suspicious Calls



HP Support does not publicly post contact numbers.  Please submit your case online


  • Provide required Information > Explain the problem > Submit the case
  • After the case is submitted, Contact information for your area will be displayed on your screen
  • Reminder:  Wait times can be long – HP Response centers are very busy.



  • Use Device Serial Number to submit the case (do not post private information on the Community).
  • Chat is not available in every region.  In those areas where Chat is an option, Chat service hours are likely restricted.
  • HP will advise you when there is a fee for phone support and / or other services when your computer / device is no longer under warranty.  This is normal business practice.
  • HP may tell you that certain services are not covered under warranty.  This is normal business practice.  Standard Warranty typically covers specific hardware issues as explained in the Warranty contract. Care Pack coverage and warranties differ by contract package.
  • HP websites are the only sites allowed to use the HP copyright  ® circle/logo.  Look for the copyright on any website claiming to be HP. If in doubt, scroll to the bottom of the Website to find HP copyright logo.  Still in doubt?  Stay away from the site.




Warranty Check / Product Registration



  • Register your product during first setup or soon afterwards

            Register HP Product and Registration FAQ


  • Check the Warranty on your product

           Warranty Check – Single or Multiple Devices



       NOTE:  If the single-system-check fails to find your device, use the "multiple devices" method to

check single or multiple devices.


  • If necessary, Select your Country on the main website page or at the bottom (click Flag)
  • Scroll down > To the right of Check multiple warranties, Click Continue
  • Enter the Serial Number and Country for one or more devices / systems to be checked
  • Check the box to verify you are "Not a robot"
  • Click Submit (at bottom of list entries)
  • When the page opens, Click View Details


NOTE: The online database results do not impact the actual contract.


Warranty Dispute

Excerpted: If you think the warranty details of your product are incorrect, submit a dispute through the HP warranty validation website.





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