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HP 820 G3 LAN/WLAN Auto Switching Not Working

Product Name: EliteBook 820 G3
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

Having trouble with autoswitching between the LAN and the WLAN cards when using a dock. I am trying to find a way to make sure that the Ethernet card is used as the primary network device. I have made sure the appropriate setting is selected within the BIOS and I have made the Local Area Connection is listed first within the Adapters and Bindings tab of the Advanced Settings of the Network Connections. This has been first noticed with users docking and undocking. Now, it's been discovered with an Ethernet cable connected directly through the port on the side of the computer. Unless I actively disable the wireless card, it is always the first connecting device. Anyone else have this issue? 

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Re: HP 820 G3 LAN/WLAN Auto Switching Not Working

The BIOS setting for Lan/WLAN switching - when Enabled - checks for an ethernet cable plugged in, either on the laptop or through the side-dock. The Ultraslim side dock is a passthrough dock so the BIOS will sense if a cable was plugged in or not. If a ethernet cable is plugged in, the BIOS will disable the wireless antennas so that only the ethernet will be active in Windows 7 (BTW, it ONLY works with Windows 7 - Windows 10 manages the network stack)


When the cable is unplugged, the BIOS should re-enable the wireless antennas


Make sure the BIOS and drivers, especially netowrk, are up to date. I would try HP Image Assistant -

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Re: HP 820 G3 LAN/WLAN Auto Switching Not Working

Thank you for the reply. I did additional testing and found that BOTH cards are active when docked or when the Ethernet cable is plugged into the side port. I tested using a trace route to another computer on the network. When the Ethernet cable was plugged in (or the machine docked), trace route showed the path going through the physical network default gateway. Likewise, when disconnected from the wired network, trace route showed the path going through the wireless network default gateway.


So, the proper network path (and NIC) is being used, which is good. Now, however, I need to figure out why the antenna is not being shut off when connected to the Ethernet.

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Re: HP 820 G3 LAN/WLAN Auto Switching Not Working

Hi Team,


I am part of an IT team for our Organization. Recently we have this issue with 820G3 for almost all laptops where the laptop cannot autoswitch Lan/Wlan. We have the following changes done on the Laptop,


1. Lan/WLAN switching enabled in Bios,

2. Wireless driver of File version installed

3. Hotkey of file version


We have noticed that the issue comes u without any major changes in laptop and stops working all of sudden on its own. If we restart the laptop, undocked, it connects to wireless.


If laptop is docked and restarted it wont connect to wirless even after its undocked (meaning Lan/wlan autoswitching is not working)


Anything that you could do get this sorted is highly appreciated.


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Re: HP 820 G3 LAN/WLAN Auto Switching Not Working



update the BIOS with latest version, even better when fall version will be released.


you dont' write if you use Windows 7 or Windows 10 version xx.xx


  1. Use lastet HotKey support softpaq it's valid for both Win 7 and Win 10
  2. install System Default Settings for Windows for the operating system you are using on 820 G3
  3. Update the wireless driver to latest available on HP support web site :


try to see if the issue is solved and please let everybody knows.



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Re: HP 820 G3 LAN/WLAN Auto Switching Not Working

Issue still persists.


BIOS is at Ver. 01.18 , dated10/17/2017

Wireless, using sp82473, is at Ver., dated 10/02/2017


The only way to ensure that the LAN card is being used when docked or when LAN cable is connected is to disable the wireless card.

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