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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Probook 450
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

We have multiple users using Probook 450 some on G4 and most on G5. They all connect to external monitors through HP Elite USB-C G4 docks. After what appears to be a recent update, the Probooks will not display to external monitors. USB ports work normally, and Device Manager recognizes the docks correctly as HP Elite USB-C G4's. This is not happening for all users (yet). One machine was on Windows 10 version 1809 and one was on the newer version 1903.


We have tested different machines on the same dock, and the displays work perfectly, so we're left to believe this problem lies on the PC's, and is perhaps a driver issue. We have updated the dock firmware, checked for updated drivers on all devices, but they still do not function. Has anyone else encountered this issue? HP Support had us update PC bios, update dock firmware, but nothing has done the trick. 


We are hoping to determine the cause and have a fix before 30 other users encounter the same issue! 

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This is the same issue that I am having. 

After being prompted to update to the latest version of windows I have been unable to use my HP USB C Dock G4 with my Probook 450 G5.


With the power plugged into the Dock and the dock connected to the laptop via USB-C I have the following issues:

The Ethernet connection via the dock does not work

The 2 displays connected to the dock do not work/can not be detected

The laptop shows it is not receiving power from the dock and the battery discharges.


The USB devices are still detected and can be used and the LED indicating that the dock is receiving power is on.


After I performed the update I also lost the use of the keyboard built into the laptop, I have now fixed this by performing as many drives updates as I could via the support downloads page.

I have also updated the dock firmware and drivers.

This has not resolved my problems.


Any further updates/solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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You added some additional issues that we are observing, but I failed to note (specifically the powering of the PC). 


I have attempted a Windows 10 Factory Reset and a fresh install of SP85675.exe, and no luck. The Driver Windows is choosing to use is a generic USB "Billboard Device" driver. Same symptoms are occurring, USB ports work but displays do not. 

HP Recommended

If it helps still I've an update on what had happened to my laptop and how it was fixed to work with the dock again.


After the windows update in September that included a BIOS/Driver update the USB-C driver had started installation  but did not complete during the update, though the driver version listed was the updated version number. This caused the issue where windows expected the driver to be correct so did not instigate any further update option but the old driver appeared to not be present.

This was fixed by putting the laptop into it's safe transportation mode which effectively disconnects the battery.

When it was taken out of transportation mode and powered on again the driver that had not completed installation instantly started to update on power up.

This was after re-installing windows did not fix the issue. This indicates it must be a BIOS update issue.


Hopefully this may help anyone else who had issues to dock connectivity after an update caused similar issues.

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This is very helpful, yes. Thank you for the update!!!

HP Recommended

This should explain putting it into shipping mode, glad I could help.



HP Recommended

In my case usb c stopping work after fw update on mini dock.

after fw update from 17 to 20 minor version release usb c on my laptop 450 g5 stop partially stop work

docking now show only realtek drivrer! ac power passtrough and video signal out was lost.

usb c connection now it's not double side.

only in aposition dock light is on… when i reverse cable dock result unplugged and pc not recognize the devide.

upgrade procedure work fine and dock work well on another pc.

for my opinion hp rpocedure update was not good

someone know how it possible to hard reset motherboard ?

last fw is installed on laptop

sorry for my english


Matteo R

HP Recommended

good morning to all,

in my case , laptop hard reset solved problem,

during the docking fw update laptop go into protection mode.

[ too much connection/disconnetion on the port during update ]

thanks to all

Matteo R.

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