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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Zbook 15 G2
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi good people.

I need a little (maybe not so little 😃 ) help to resolve my laptop problem with switchable graphic.
I have HP Zbook 15 G2 with Intel HD 4600 build into CPU and dedicated AMD FirePro M5100.

Laptop configuration:
CPU Core i-7 4710MQ
RAM – 32GB DDR 1600
SSD – 500GB Samsung 850 EVO

All the time I was using Windows 7 Pro on my laptop. Recently after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ver. 1709 introduced, I tried to make clean Windows 10 install. All was fine, except AMD graphics. After the Windows 10 install, OS tries to install hardware drivers automatically. It downloads all drivers from internet and after installing, proposes reboot. After reboot, I see only black screen and windows wait cursor – I can move cursor but nothing happens.

I reinstalled Windows 10 FCU but this time without internet access. I have installed HP drivers from support site manually. Installation order was:
1. Intel Chipset Driver ( Rev.A sp78724.exe)
2. Intel Rapid Storage Driver ( Rev.A sp74389.exe)
3. Intel 4600 Video Driver (4531 Rev.F sp79336.exe)
4. AMD FirePro M5100 driver (16.40.3601.1003 Rev.F sp79527.exe)

After each install, I have rebooted laptop. Final reboot was successful, but when I try to change some graphics settings (display resolution, scaling) system hangs. I see freezed screen image and nothing happens. Cooler is on maximum, noise is laud, no BSOD, no automatic reboot, it simply shows last screen image. I need to make cold restart using power button. After cold reboot, I see same situation – can login and work but when I try to change some settings – windows hangs.

On Windows 7 things are not perfect but AMD graphics works. After Windows 7 clean install, it is time to install drivers. Install order is same as above. After installing AMD FirePro M5100 driver – OS notifies that there is new hardware installed and I need to reboot. When I am trying to reboot – system hangs on message “Shutting down”. I am making cold reboot using power button and system boots without problem and works perfect. Switching from Intel to AMD graphics works fine too – I can play Starcraft 2, EVE online without problems and have 4-5 hours battery life surfing internet and working with documents.

I have tested all laptop hardware using HP UEFI diagnostic tools, Memtest 86 – no errors. Made hard test using Linpack for CPU burn and Furmark for GPU burn same time on Windows 7 – all is fine, more than hour tortures - laptop is stable, no overheat and slowdown (CPU temp is 90-92 C, GPU temp 77-80 C) – CPU Clock 2,6 GHz after 1 hour of burning.
I thought that AMD M5100 is fault card. However, on Windows 7 it works perfect, it keeps hard test without problem. Now I think this is driver problem, or settings problem.


I was looking for alternate driver, and found this:




This is very old but original driver from AMD for HP Zbook 15 G2, and it works perfect. No hangs after first install , stable work, but some laptop features do not work – brightness changing for example. From release notes for this driver:
“Note that this driver has general support for Windows 10 for listed Workstations products. The driver is not recommended for full advanced workstation features (see more information in section Workstation Features (Win10). We recommend NOT to upgrade to Win 10 if you are using advanced workstation features.)”


Maybe HP engineers here know what I am doing wrong or there is known problem with windows 10.

Thank you for help.

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After a bunch of long testes, I have found that the trouble is in new Windows 10 Fall Creation Update. I have installed all Windows versions beginning 7:
- Windows 7 Pro
- Windows 8 Pro
- Windows 8.1 Pro
- Windows 10 ver. 1511 November Update
- Windows 10 ver. 1607 Anniversary Update
- Windows 10 ver. 1703 Creators Update
- latest Windows 10 ver. 1709 Fall Creators Update


All versions working fine except latest Windows 10 ver 1709 Fall Creators Update.

On all versions from Windows 7 to Windows 10 ver. 1703 after installing AMD FirePro M5100 driver before reboot you need to disable discrete video adapter AMD M5100 in device manager (do not delete it - only disable, and do not touch Intel HD4600 adapter – it should be enabled). Reboot laptop, and after login enable ADM FirePro M5100 in device manager. This procedure eliminates system hang after installing ADM FirePro M5100 during first reboot. All will be fine (I did not found problems right now, but maybe some are present, and I do not use laptop for CAD, I can’t check if AMD M5100 works correctly with certified CAD programs – I use laptop for virtualization and heavy tasks like encoding, decrypting – I need a lot of memory, fast CPU and SSD plus overall system stability).


However, in Windows 10 ver. 1709 Fall Creators Update I still have troubles. This is some “hardware <–> driver <–> OS” incompatibility. I think this is bound with a new features in W10FCU – monitoring GPU load in task manager or similar changes in I/O subsystem. If I open task manager – system hangs. If I am trying to change display settings like resolution or scaling, OS hangs without BSOD, memory dump or error message. Sometimes i think that system is working, because i see intensive SSD activity on front HDD indicator, but screen is freezed, cooler works on maximum, i can simply power off unit using power button (another keys do not work). I cannot debug this porblem - I do not know how.


HP, Microsoft and AMD need some level of cooperation to fix this problem, because I cannot use same Windows 10 version for a long time – any old Windows 10 version tries to force update to newer –Windows 10 1607 downloads updates to 1703 version automatically and so on. I cannot stop this due to new Windows Update policy. My main demand is stability of the system for a long period of time.

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I have exactly the same problems with my Zbook 15G2. And only what HP is concerned about is how to sell new Zbooks G5, G6...they do not care about existing customers at all. Problem with AMD Firepro and newest Windows is very well known, easy replicable, it is nothing strange or not obvious...And HP, please do not respond like "you should not update your Windows..." We must these days.


Zbook is an very expensive workstation for proffesionals. I've accepted the price and expected that i will have pro machine for my daily bussines. What i have now is not worth those money at all...

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Did you ever solved this problem, somehow?

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No, i've tried it couple days ago, maybe some Windows updates fixed it, but no...


Still freezing with hybrid graphics enabled, as i mention, it's easy to replicate this issue, but NOBODY cares from HP.


I'm forced to disable integrated Intel graphics and use only AMD and this is not i've paid for.

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I am still waiting for new drivers from HP. This is strange that such company absolutely did not cares about customers. I have laptop manufactured in 2015, it still is on 3y warranty and is officially supported laptop of premium class, but i don't feel HP support cares about that.

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I tried with Dell driver, but windows update just installs new one over.
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DELL driver...smart one!


Which model you've tried? I've FirePro 5100 in my HP Zbook 

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Hi good people. I have managed to run windows 10 1803 without issues on this laptop.

What you need to do:

1. update BIOS and other firmwares on running windows (you can do this on win 10 before installing drivers), because for me after installing windows 10 BIOS update from 1.21 to 1.22 made black screen after start.

2. do windows 10 1803 (latest version) clean install (don't upgrade, make bootable usb flash and use usb 2 port)

3. connect laptop to the internet but don't start windows update (some updates it will auto install but we don't care now about it)

4. Install HP Softpaq download manager from here: https://ftp.hp.com/pub/caps-softpaq/HP_SDM_Setup.exe

5. Run HP SDM and select windows 10 1803 x64 than in top left corner choose "Find updates for this PC" (don't remember exactly button name, but you will find it easy)

6. In update list select all drivers + "Windows 10 default settings" except ADM video driver. Install all.

7. After all drivers installation reboot laptop.

8. Download and install AMD driver from here: https://www2.ati.com/drivers/beta/win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-18.6.1-june13.exe (use default settings - just press Next->Next->Next ...)

9. Restart laptop.

10. Start windows update, and made full update.

Thats all.


There is more simple variant of this installation (faster and cleaner):

1. update BIOS and other firmwares on running windows (you can do this on win 10 before installing drivers), because for me after installing windows 10 BIOS update from 1.21 to 1.22 made black screen after start and laptop hangs (maybe this is only my situation but i reinstalled OS)

2. made clean windows 10 1803 (latest version) install

3. connect laptop to the internet and start windows update (made full windows update and reboot laptop)

4. open device manager, open Videoadapters section, choose Intel HD4600, right click on it and choose driver update, choose first variant - update using internet, wait for new driver download and install.

5. reboot laptop

6. do step 4 but now for AMD m5100.

7. reboot laptop.

8. Install Intel Rapid Storage Driver from here: https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp74001-74500/sp74389.exe

9. Install HP hotkey from here: https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp85001-85500/sp85458.exe


10. Install System default setting from here: https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp76501-77000/sp76517.exe

11. Install HP support assistance from here: https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp77001-77500/sp77062.exe

12. To get AMD Control Center for m5100 install latest driver: https://www2.ati.com/drivers/beta/win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-18.6.1-june13.exe



1. Hybrid Graphis must be enabled in BIOS.

2. On windows 10 (windows 7 gives you this option) you can't manage what application will be run on discrete AMD m5100 or integrated Intel DH4600. OS will choose adapter automaticaly. But both adapters work sametime - you can run havy 3D application on AMD m5100 and sametime watch youtube in browser on Intel HD4600, but in battery mode all is fine - primary adapter is Intel HD4600 and battery life is 4-5 hours of internet serfing and document work without movie watching and gaming. For example Solitair card games are running on Intel and Stalker sametime was running on AMD VGA.

3. sometimes when laptop is started the screen is black, and there is only cursor on the screen - fix is simple - power off laptop, remove battery, insert battery and start laptop normaly. I think this is BIOS or OS problem. Will wait for a new BIOS or OS update.


Thats all.

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