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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Thanks for posting this dock firmware updater... 9 months in I had no idea there were FIVE firmwares in the dock alone to update.

Not sure why this update isn't on the support and drivers page...
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I get that, Dan. But it is beyond irresponsible to replace proven, reliable high density connectors with overly complicated, unreliable layers of drivers written by a dozen different forms talking to drivers written by a dozen other firms talking to emulators written by yet another firm until such time as the system is stable. Only a company that owns the hardware, drivers, and OS could pull that off. This will be the most damaging trend in the corprate computing industry, and no one even sees it yet. Also, it's not a dock-it's just a dongle.
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I guess 5 dongles 😉
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And again, was it the creators Update of WIn 10 or did this really not supported anymore?


weeks ago i changed mi monitors to bigger ones, from WUXGA 1920x1200 to WQHD 2560x1440 and in same time the windows crators update arrived...

From this time on i get in truble with my zBook 15G3 with Quadro M2000M and Thunderbolt. The external Monitors will not running constantly anymore, in ceveral minuts the went in black stay some seconds and come back, sadly not regulary and not each time säme ApplWindow on same Monitor. Its better, but not perfekt if i opened additinal the Laptop Monitor as 3td one.


First of all i roll back the nvidia driver, seams better but after longer time taht went again 😞

So i check my Updates für ZBook 15G3 and the Thunderbult Firmware too


Now all it seam up to date, but no pleasure to work with that flicky cripy thing 😞


actual Version Information of my system:

System Info

Windows 10






Windows 10 Pro








Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6820HQ CPU @
2.70GHz 2.71 GHz

Installiertes RAM

32.0 GB


64-Bit-Betriebssystem, x64-basierter

Stift- und Toucheingabe

Für diese Anzeige ist keine Stift- oder
Toucheingabe verf



Existing Version

New Version


Synaptics DisplayP01t Adapter



up to date

Conexant Audio



up to date

ASMedia ASM1042A Firmware



up to date

ASMedia ASM1074 Firmware



up to date

Intel ThunderboIt3 Dock Firmware


up to date



2 pieces of Dell u2515h




2560 x 1440




so thancfull for any Tipp's


regards René

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See post of Nick B on 10-14-2016 02:34 PM


It did the trick for me.

(Not using the native resolution but using a custom resolution with the same settings.)

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Thanks for Replay,


of corse i read the hole stream!

But that means that my investment in new Monitors are really waste? no Support for WQHD 2560x1440 12 month later, that is really not what i expact of so "cheap" solution of a market leader!


hopefully other solutions will come



HP Recommended

I used the firmware updater for 18.0.x.x.x and all other firmwares were detected adn upgraded except one that said "tool failed".


Synaptics update error.png


Everything seems to be working, but I had major problems with this on Windows 7, had support involved, so I am a bit worried.

I do not see on HP's site where they have this firmware.


Hopefully someone can help with this.


UPDATE: After a reboot, I get a blue screen error when I log into Windows. So, I restored my system to a date prior to the install and still blue screening when I have the dock plugged in. Seems to be some incompatibilies with the dock firmware and the software. I will be calling HP for support. 😞

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When I ran it the tool failed to detect the version of one of the firmwares. Then I ran the tool again and then it was successful. 

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Updated FW per the utility mentioned above


No issues during the upgrade. Seems very stable. One observation is how the PC handles resolution changes between the laptop screen and monitors when the laptop is plugged back into the dock. Previous to this update plugging into the dock (with the laptop closed) would cause the fonts and graphics on the primary external monitor to be fuzzy like the anti-aliasing was applied incorrectly. Doesn't happen any longer. Crisp graphics.


Replaced the cable under warranty


This fixes the fragile connection from the previous cable. My observation is there is a distinct differnce in "feel" when plugging the cable into the laptop. It seems to me that the indent on the barrel connector is slightly farther away from the end of the barrel (closer to the plastic header, if you will) so the whole connector catches slightly deeper in the laptop than before.

HP Recommended

Now updatet the Laptop BIOS from  01.11 to BIOS-Version HP N81 Ver. 01.14, 14.04.2017
Nothing went better, same Problems stay. :Crying:

All three Monitors works fine! If i close the Workstation Display, so they switch to both WQHD. No realy working is possible! Flicker all the time , crispy and after minutes later the OS Windoof kicks the external monitors to sleep.

Open the Workstation Display again, it shoes only the Workstation Display as 3th Screen.

All went back fine after i pull off the Thunderbolt Monster HIgehEnd Super Duper Connector, wait several seconds and put it in again, and all three Displays went back to live. All at the right plase and all at its best resolution.

... And i did not have any probelm bevor Windoof 17.03 / 15063.250
So it cant by the cable, correct?


i found this Doc so i believe it has to work!


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