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ZBook 17 G6
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hello HP community!
The issue I'm encountering is one I've never had before (of dozens of laptops).

The laptop in question is ZBook 17 G6, with Xeon 2286M, GPU is minimal for the config Quadro T1000.

Received laptop brand new, all was working well. Then after OS updates, something something and

updating HP software and drivers (had some coil whine -- detected that the reason for that weird

high-pitched noise was KB backlight (!), when on -- no whine, decided to update the BIOS, also did

some juggling around M.2 SSDs -- Samsung 960 Pro 2Tb and WD Blue 2tb SATA -- it only detects

them if 960 Pro is in slot3, and WD Blue in slot2, not vice versa, otherwise WD is not detected at all).

And... most probably, after BIOS update, sound card was detected, but 'no speakers or headphones are

connected', so no sound (and yellow icon around Intel Smart Sound Technology OED in Device Manager),

juggled with it for a day, and after all, going to BIOS and making 'reset to default settings' worked.

But that is ok, new machine etc., etc. but most probably after BIOS update to 01.02.02
when the laptop shuts down (with power led on button being off) or goes to sleep (with power led
slowly blinking), 
both fans trigger full speed, just even if removing battery and plugging AC power with no battery,

it immediately starts to spin fans at maximum speed. Otherwise when powered on -- laptop behaves

I tried everything I could -- this is not OS related, tried to disable Intel Management Interface,

resetting BIOS, resetting CMOS, downgraded BIOS to 01.01.02 -- no result.

It works perfectly, except it's now cannot be used as laptop,

only as a desktop of sorts -- you insert the battery -- fans start to spin (probably at max RPM).

When laptop is on -- everything all right, thermals work properly, fans speedup, stop as needed.

I'm extremely happy with the quality, build and performance, but I cannot use the machine.
Any help would be really appreciated.

HP Recommended

New information:

- Triggered some flags in BIOS on/off in devices, ports and remote management sections;

- After startup laptop started saying
  HP Sure Start detected corruption in the Intel Management Engine Firmware with countdown timer, then if you press any key

  it goes to screen saying

  Recovering Intel Management Engine to versions
progress goes to 50%, then laptop resets, then situation repeats.


If take out all SSDs then recovery fails and you can

at least enter BIOS setup on F10 and disable Intel ME. Then after inserting SSD when Windows loads it has no sound with that

'no speakers or headphones detected'. Reset BIOS to defaults helped, but now when I do it, it goes to the Intel ME Firmware

recover thing.

HP Recommended

Ok, either is not sound when taking off all the disks and resetting BIOS to default or it is loop

with Intel ME trying to recover but restarting at 50%.


This is the end of the line, No response, from anything: stupid bot on HP support app, stupid

phone line support. Writing this with 'no sound' boot from this 'superb' laptop.
Thanks HP. Thanks Intel. Will burn this $3000 laptop at next bbq, this is even worse than Apple.
Managers got over engineers and now we have last workstation fail for no apparent reason.


P.S. I have 15 ThinkPads in collection (modern 17s are BS too though), some HPs, and
plenty of Dells. But this is from another world -- buy new thing that will fail and bring

already more losses trying to fix it for 2 weekends straight from dusk till dawn...
something is seriously wrong here.

topic may be closed, no one cares about some ME recover/KBC issue anyway.

HP Recommended

Ok, new BIOS 01.03.04 Rev.A Fixes the issue with Intel ME recover that was described. And sound is now working too.

(Didn't try to disable Intel ME though -- mb it's still no sound when Intel ME is disabled).

"- Fixes an issue which causes a Management Engine (ME) FullRecovery error to occur during the Power-On Self-Test (POST). - Enhancement to address security vulnerabilities CVE-2019-11157."


Now only the spinning fan problem remains. I think probably this was introduced after first time BIOS was updated

(with 01.02.02 Rev. A) -- probably connected to EC (Embedded Controller) firmware version update from

65.20.00 to 65.23.00. This new BIOS version 01.03.04 has the same version of EC firmware 65.23.00 so it wasn't

updated during main BIOS update.


The interesting thing mentioned in 01.03.04 BIOS update is
"Fixes an issue where the system does not enter Modern Standbyproperly." (spelling left as in original)


I wasn't aware that ZBooks G6 have modern standby (is it only 15-inch one maybe?) If ZBook 17 G6 can go to modern

standby (S0 Idle state) probably fans won't be spinning at full speed as now when in powered off or sleep state, which

will make the laptop actually usable for me.

Does anybody know something about modern standby on ZBooks G6?

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