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ProBook 650 G8
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



connected to my ProBook 650 G8, I have a Thunderbolt Dock G2. 

I tried reinstalling the software (did not solve the problem), removind from system control and then unplugging device, unplugging all what was connected to dock, restart and reconnection of dock did also not solve the problem.


Strange, that one of the usb- Ports of the dock seems not to be connected to the laptop.


After all, the dock works, but not witch the latest updates.


Thanks in advance,


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do you have the same issue explained here or a different one ?




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actually yes. But it does not work.


Sorry for my late reply. But I just found some time to deal with my dock- problem again.


When running SP136180\Firmware\Cypress\Dependency\System_Update.bat it tells me "Der Befehl "ezpd_dockupdatefw.exe" ist entweder falsch geschrieben oder
konnte nicht gefunden werden." the command was wrong or not found. 

In the batch file it is called "ezpd_dockupdatefw.exe -i hp_hook_secure_cy_sign.bin -vid 03F0 -pid 0667 -rescan 5 -t 240000"


What is interesting is, that some days ago, it was removed from the HP Support Assistant.


Thunderbolt Dock is still working, concerning LAN, charging the Laptop  and most USB- Borts. What is not working is display port and the USB Port to the side (right next to the headphone- Port).


Euro PC



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i also had the same issue. after a firmware update that decided to freeze, the usb 3.0 port on the right side of the dock (if you consider the cable side to be the front side) stopped working. the computer wouldn't recognize it and wouldn't recognize my logitech dongle or my jabra headset dongle. i tried everything possible (bios updates, factory reformats, uninstall all drivers, registry editor tweaks, you name it). Everytime I would try to run the firmware updater for the dock (package version, SP136180) after that initial freeze, it would show that everything was up to date and would close out immediately after detecting the thunderbolt controller was updated.


What I did to fix the 1 USB 3.0 port not working (corrupted thunderbolt firmware most likely):

1. Run HPFirmwareInstaller.exe (either through SP136180 download/install or via C:\swsetup\SP136180\HPFirmwareInstaller.exe (remove all peripherals from the dock and only have the dock connected to your thunderbolt port on your laptop)

2. If their is some corruption in the firmware, like in my case, rapidly click on "Force All" while it detects all the various versions of the firmware components. This prevented the firmware installer from closing out on me when it would apparently detect an error on the thunderbolt controller (even though it was technically updated to 66.xxxx)

3. If the firmware installer doesn't exit out on its own and it shows that you're up to date, make sure you have "Force All" checked and click the "Install" button after it has become blue.

4. Be patient, if it seems like it's hanging up or freezing on one of the various firmware components (status=installing), give it some time. 

5. Wait for all component firmware to be reinstalled. Close the window when done.

6. Restart for good measure, and plug in a peripheral into that USB port. For me it was easy to tell that it was working because my jabra dongle's status light finally turned on again. 


Keep in mind, I did not do this firmware update on the same HP Elitebook that I originally updated the dock on which the super long freeze occurred on. I used an HP Spectre to do it. 



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