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I would like to use a decent graphics card  for moderate gaming (medium settings) in my


HP Pro G2 MT Desktop PC 6XB14EA#ABD  Intel Core i5-8500


For that I would at least need a 300W power supply unit.

But I cannot find a fitting psu because the standard atx connectors of most psu's do not fit the mainboard of my Hewlett-Packard PC.


There are adaptors for atx 24-pins main power plugs to Hew-Pack 6 pins available, which also do something to the current of the green and gray atx-standard wires.


Assuming an ATX standard color coding: I'm all good with powering the cpu and the mainboard supply, both with 4-pin 12V+ DC wire pairs (Black and Yellow cords).


But then there is that ominous 7-Pin "PWRCMD" (Power Command) connector, which (in my case) features only a green and a black wire. - According to atx color coding this would mean "ground" and a "power supply on"-signal (which would be somehow 'boosted' to 12V by those chinese adaptors). Does this go for my mainboard too? In that case I could use ATX standard pin 16 (power supply on - signal), could I not?

So simply wire yellow to yellow, black to black and green to green...


Any advice?


Many thanks in advance!


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i don't mean to be rude, but people like you simply have to stop buying/acquiring non standard equipment/small form factor systems and then trying to make them a gaming rig............ NOT GOING TO HAPPEN


you want a gaming system? then buy a prebuilt system that uses industry standard parts instead of custom designs or build one using ATX compatible parts


small form factor systems are simply not designed to work with high wattage video cards, and the same goes for systems using custom parts/cases the upgrade path will be either very limited or non existent


your HP G2 Pro Mini tower system is targeted to light office, media server or home theater scenarios not the gaming market the listed low profile video cards that HP lists are all 50 watt draw or less






you might be able to run the low profile 1050 card (75 watt) no GPU pwr connector needed






but low profile 1050 cards are around 250/300 dollars....... you can buy a used ATX gaming system off ebay with video  for that amount!!!

HP Recommended

Yeah, keep your shirt on. READ befor ranting:


1  All I am looking for is a matching tfx 300W psu, that is surely not "high wattage".

2  A used gaming rig is USED, that is: exausted components...

3  "Gaming", as I stated, to me is moderate gaming. Old games on medium settings.

4  300W suitable GPUs are available for 100-150 dollars.

5  I did not ask for shopping advice, but for a solution to my wiring problem.


But thanks all the same 😉

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