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HP EliteOne 800 G2 Expansion HDD Screws
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Re: HP EliteOne 800 G2 Expansion HDD Screws

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Then, here is what I would do....


Go to and search for unthreaded nylon spacers, such as  HERE.  Someone needs to  measure the width of the metal slot cut in the receiver to get the outer diameter of the 4 spacers you'd buy.  Get ones that are a bit smaller than the slot width, and ideally measure that from an original.   That will be the outer diameter.  The length should be pretty easy to figure out from an original, or by eyeballing it.  Then, the inner diameter needs to pass a M3 machine screw, with head on it that will trap the spacer in place.  McMaster has lots of M3 screws, and our Ace hardware store has a fair selection of these nylon spacers and M3 screws to choose from.


Figure out the length of the 4 M3 screws you need, to include threading those into the drive deep enough.  I'd also use some Locktite that can be broken loose later if needed on the 4 threaded holes in the drive.


Then I'd post how I did it, including pictures and part numbers, and forward that post to every moderator I could think of to have them show their HP contacts what some are being forced to go through on this issue.

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Re: HP EliteOne 800 G2 Expansion HDD Screws

Hi Did anyone ever find the screws?


Makinging ones own screws seems extreme and would probably invalidate the warranty if an engineer wanted to be difficult.  Frankly in that machine it would be possible to use the fabric industrial style sticking tape (that HP use inside that machine to secure bits and pieces) to secure the light SSDs in place...but clearly we don't want to do that for client perception and warranty.


I've had a case open with HP support since about the 5th March 2017  (it is not the 15th March 2017) looking for the smaller black grommet.......... and so far they have not provided an answer...........indeed they cannot even find a part number for the screws but are still working on it.


I hope that they will have some success in the next 2 has been passed to the parts/components team I'm told.


If you need 'special' HP screws to user the spare expansion bay it is an oversight and not great service not to have the screws obtainable...clearly some supplied with the system would be best.  But to not know or to be able to find out a part number after 10 days of effort and ''''escalating''' it to various support teams is a bit unbelievable and does not help the smooth running of my business or clients business.




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Re: HP EliteOne 800 G2 Expansion HDD Screws

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I had no luck via HP (or any other supplier).


It required repeat queries to HP Support and reopening of the original case before I could get a direct answer from them. I also tried HP Partmaster.


HP Partmaster sent a generic link to their search page... (the bracket/screws aren't listed there). HP Support first suggested contacting a local computer repair service. I did, as well as hours searching online, they didn't stock the screws either... HP Support said that as the screws were part of a package with the HDD they couldn't provide the specific part individually. I reopened the case, and they got back in touch to again say the parts weren't available separately. The whole process took ~3 weeks of emails back and forth.


The drive caddy is preinstalled and fixed to the case of the PC and requires non-standard mount screws that aren't readily available from HP or anyone else, so  HP are knowingly selling a product and advertising it as having a secondary hard drive despite the  fact the secondary caddy is unusable for mounting a drive. I put this in the product review on the HP website, for all the difference it makes. I'd be delighted to be proved wrong if anyone's able to find the screws. 

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Re: HP EliteOne 800 G2 Expansion HDD Screws

I have made screws for hp 2.5 and 3.5 hdd. I am also interrested to make those new screws. If you have a machine that use them , Send me measures then I can send some sample to you to test.

contact me if interrested

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