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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Found this thread but can't reply to it since it's older:



Does anyone have any additional info on this?  The HP Support software sends out SNMP scans to every device on the network because it wants to try to find other HP devices.  This causes all kinds of problems because we have SNMP locked down and it triggers Unauthorized User alerts to fire off in our alerting system.  Is there any way to turn this off without uninstalling the software from every HP computer we have?

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Welcome to the HP User Community.


Reminder >> Ignore any of the following information that is not relevant and / or unwanted.


If all your machines are of a similar type (business class) and / or of a similar older vintage,


You likely don't even need the HPSA installed.

Why?  There are not usually updates for older systems.


If there are any updates,

  • These can be checked (for business class systems) using the HP Image Assistant.
  • Manual checking of the system category Software and Drivers also works for newer systems - it is a matter of personal preference.


Older consumer models can be checked manually - Open the system home page > Open Category Software and Drivers.


What else?

Short Version of the explanation...


There are two HPSA versions around - the older version type is the HP Support Assistant Software.

Depending on the age of the system, this older version type (V8.x) might be installed on one or more systems.

The older version of HPSA also includes (also in Programs and Features) the HP Support Solutions Framework.


HPSA - Older version

Open HPSA > Settings > Switch OFF / uncheck whatever you can find, including "auto-updates".


The program can still be opened and run manually should you decide to do so.

Search for it in the Windows start menu.



The "new" HPSA (V9.x and later) is an application. 


Both types of HPSA can be set up (in Settings) to automatically check for Updates (not needed for older systems). 

At the least, switch OFF the auto-check for updates.


The HPSA can also be set to check for other information as available in the HPSA version type.

Open HPSA > Settings

Switch OFF (Uncheck) whatever you can find.

The HPSA application can still be called / opened from the Windows Start menu.


Example - HPSA Application - Settings



Will restricting the setup be enough to settle the HPSA?  Maybe.  If not, sure - it can be uninstalled.

The application  is located in Settings > Apps > Apps and Features

The software version is located in Control Panel > icon view > Programs and Features

Uninstall Details are included later in this message...



What else?

Not related to HPSA - optionally switch off Network discovery settings.

There can be unexpected consequences to changing the settings.

Try one system - check / test / "go back" to original "ON" setup if the results are not as needed / expected


Switch ON / OFF Network Discovery and (Printing) Printer File Sharing


How to Verify / Switch on / off Network discovery and File and Printer sharing


Control Panel > icon view > Network and Sharing Center

Change  advanced sharing settings >

Beneath Private (current profile) >

Network Discovery

Select (Switch ON   (Off = UNCheck) Turn on network discovery

Check / Switch ON  (Off = UNCheck) Turn on automatic setup of network connected devices

File and printer sharing

Select / Switch ON  (Off = UNCheck) Turn on file and printer sharing

HomeGroup Connections

Select / De-Select (Clear) Allow windows to manage homegroup connections (recommended)

Save Changes



References / Resources


Single System Management Software – HP Image Assistant


Many newer business (commercial) computers are supported in the HP Image Assistant management grade software. 


At this writing: If your computer was manufactured before the EOL date for the Software Download Manager, you can choose to use (or continue using) SDM.


HPIA Information and Download


Business Systems - Client Management Solutions (software management)

Scroll to the bottom of the Website for additional information and links.

HP Image Assistant is a free tool that aids IT Administrators improve the quality and security of their PC Windows image by diagnosing the image, identifying problems, recommending solutions, and analyzing their PC’s readiness for migration between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

HP Image Assistant can be downloaded at the HP Manageability website.

HP Image Assistant (HPIA)


From the Image Assistant Web page:



Uninstall the HPSA

Select and uninstall the HPSA type you have installed on your computer...


Uninstall HP Support Assistant Software 



Uninstall the HP Support Assistant program


Control Panel > icon view > Programs and Features 

Select then Right-Click anywhere along the selected program > Uninstall the HP Support Assistant


Important:  When / If asked whether you want to save any presets / personal HPSA information, respond to have your personal data associated with the program removed along with the HPSA software.


NOTE:  If software will not uninstall, appears to be removed and then shows up again, or is otherwise not “going away” when you tell it to do so, try an Uninstaller program.

Microsoft:  Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed



 Uninstall HP Support Solutions Framework software from Programs and Features


Search or scroll down and find HP Support Solutions Framework

Select then Right-Click anywhere along the selected program > Uninstall the software



When installed as part of HP Support Assistant software, HP Support Solutions Framework is a subset of HPSA.   For this reason, HPSA must be uninstalled before the Solutions Framework can be removed.


Restart the computer and log in. 




Uninstall HPSA Application >> Apps



Uninstall the HP Support Assistant Application


Settings > Apps > Apps and Features 

Search or scroll down and find HP Support Assistant

 Select the unwanted program  > Uninstall the software




Open from Control Panel > icon view > Programs and Features

If found, Uninstall HP Support Solutions Framework software  

Restart the computer and log in.



   If removed, and if wanted again later,

   When / Where / If supported on the currently running OS version,

   HP Support Solutions can be reinstalled at Product Home

   Open Category Software and Drivers

   Select to use “Auto-Detect” to install HP Support Solutions






HP Device Home Page - References and Resources – Learn about your Device - Solve Problems

When the website support page opens, Select (as available) a Category > Topic > Subtopic

NOTE:  Content depends on device type and Operating System

Categories:  Alerts, Warranty Check, HP Drivers / Software and BIOS, How-to Videos, Bulletins/Notices, How-to Documents, Troubleshooting, Manuals > User Guide, Service and Maintenance Guide (Replacement Parts and Procedures), Product Information (Specifications), more


 Product Home

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