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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

My Z220 has a Xeon E3-1225 V2, not a core ix CPU (not sure if that will make a difference.)


The other day, I updated the UEFI firmware to 1.86 Rev. A and continued using the system for another  hour or so before shutting it down.


Woke up the next morning and wanted to work on some stuff, and it would not POST. I ended up (after 2 hours of insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result) pulling the CMOS battery for 5 minutes and pulled the RAM. I also held the CMOS reset button for 60 seconds during this time.


Machine still won't post.


Reinserting any stick of RAM gives me the same initial results, but no RAM gives me 5 beeps and a red power button. I've tried other sticks of RAM (all are ECC, I've tried both 12800 and 10600, don't have any non-ECC to test with) but no joy. From what I saw somewhere on HP's website, 5 beeps indicates memory issues. Kinda obvious, but there's no ram installed, so it makes perfect sense.


I wanted to use the BBR jumper, thinking it may have somehow lost the update, but there are no pins there. I'll take a picture of it the next time I'm by the machine, but I am open to other tests to figure out what is going on. 


Proprietary power connectors so I can't test the psu with a normal tester, but if someone can give me a pinout I'LL check all wires.


I had a Quadro k1200 installed, but I've removed it currently to rule out GPU issues, but it works just fine in my z420. Current graphics are handled by CPU (if it ever POSTs.)


Edit: added information to make more helpful reading, and corrected OS listed

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post missing critical information,.....what bios revision was the z220 at what BIOS was installed (need SP number)


HOW was bios update performed? through BIOS,WIndows,DOS........were any messages  displayed?


WHAT happens on power up? (describe, such as fans spin at max speed for 5 sec then ram down and pwr light blinks)


have you read the service manual on the z220 and performed a "full" cmos reset?


your current post simply says, updated bios from  something to something, and may or may not have got any messages during update  and on reboot nothing.....


this makes providing help quite dificult



HP Recommended

Didn't take note of old bios that was installed, but updated to 1.86 rev a (sp88711). Updated through bios, updated successfully.  I continued using the machine after updating successfully for another hour, and shut down for the night. With ram installed, powers on, after about 30 seconds fans ramp up to full speed. I have tried both VGA and displayport, and the k1200 and the screen never wakes up.


I have not read the service manual to do a "full" reset, can you provide a link to it? I read a procedure to recover from a bad flash, and thinking that maybe it lost the flash somehow I wanted to try reflashing with the bbr jumper. When tryig to flash using the BBR jumper, I do not have pins there, it's as if there were never pins soldered to the board there. I will post a picture of the  area of the board shortly. I do have a cmos button that I held down for 60 seconds with the battery out, but there was no change.


Sorry for typos, I'm on my phone and autocorrect does not work well on the website. I've tried making sure I correct all errors but I'm sure a couple will make it through.

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are you sure you updated through the BIOS menu and not from within windows?


you would have to extract the sp files place the dos bin file on a usb key, reboot into the bios and then point it to the usb key.  is this what you did?





HP Recommended

Yes, I prefer to always update bios from USB key. That way I can confirm it updated successfully before going back to work on whatever machine is in front of me. I own my own computer repair business and this one has me stumped. My gut tells me it's a bios issue, but I'm not sure why it would have performed normally after the update but crap out overnight and not post in the morning.

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hmmmmm,.....is there a pci-e video card installed? or just the onboard cpu driven graphics


you might try removing the pci-e card (if installed) thwn remove power cord, cmos battery wait 15min and press cmos reset button ( if available) power on tapping the bios key and see if you can get into the bios


if the system still just has blank screen, and fans ramp up in speed with power light on it may very well be a bios issue


however as i do not have a z220 i am unable to say if/where the bios recovery jumper is located the service manual link below may mention it





HP Recommended

This is the bbr jumper location, but there are no pins for me to put a jumper on.

z220 board bbr 756x1008.jpg


This is the CMOS reset button, for reference. This is the button I held down with the battery out.


z220 CMOS reset-756x1008.jpg

As I stated in my original post, I removed my Quadro GPU to rule out gpu issues. The GPU works fine in my other z420 machine. (I've rendered a video with it since installing it in the z420)

This z220 is currently set up to use onboard graphics. Last working config had the Quadro GPU installed.


I'll check the manual you linked, but I'm pretty sure that's the same link I read the procedure from, and I need the boot block recovery jumper, which is the first picture in this post that doesn't have pins on it.


This is why I have been confused.

HP Recommended

After trying multiple times to get the BIOS Recovery to start, the machine now will not power on. Borrowed a power switch from another machine, and still won't turn on. At this point I would believe it to be a PSU issuw. I will get a replacement PSU and test that before marking this as solved. 


Is there a pinout of the PSU plugs since this is proprietary? Would like to see where this failed while waiting on a new PSU to arrive.

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I believe there are adapters to allow a normal ATX supply to work. if you have a atx supply the adapter may be the best way to test rather tham buying a hp power supply


yep, they exist see link below



HP Recommended

I have similar symptoms with an HP Z220 too.  I also read up extensively on BIOS recovery and it always comes back to using the ER15 BBR jumper, which is non-existant on my motherboard (I also see the 2 solder point without the pins).  Why does the HP manual even refer to it (Jumper #29) if it doesn't exist?  So frustrating.

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